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Americans: Look What Happened at Jasenovic Concentration Camp

Horrific tales of murder and torture as Pope justifies killing. Are Americans next?20 Nov 2006
By Greg Szymanski

In a recent hearing in the case of Alperin v. Vatican Bank, Pope Benedict's personal attorney admitted the Vatican was involved in the genocide committed in Croatia during World War II, killing more than 500,000 Serbs and Jews.

It is also undisputed that the Vatican worked hand-in-hand with the Nazi Party to accomplish this horrendous mass murder, as attorney for the genocide victims, Jonathan Levy, is now trying to get financial reparations for his clients, accusing the Vatican Bank of post war money laundering of genocide profits.

What's incredible about the case being argued in a San Francisco federal court, besides the media keeping the case away from the public eye, is the Pope's attorney had the audacity in a November hearing to claim the Vatican was justified in partaking in mass murder as it was "permissible under international law."

Although the Pope's attorney stopped short in saying the Vatican is above the law, his outlandish arguments fit nicely with Canon Law, stating the Roman Catholic Church has the right to kill heretics without the killings being a violation of Church or international criminal law.

And for purposes of clarification, a heretic, as defined by Canon Law, is anyone who does not give his undying loyalty to the Pope or follow the Church's doctrines, which in the eyes of the Church officials justifies murder of innocents such as the Serbs and Jews during World War II.

"The same Canon Law applies today," said author of Vatican Assassins, Eric Jon Phelps. "The Vatican justifies murder, acting above the law and they plan on using its Office of Inquisition, still in existence today, to exterminate anyone they determine to be heretics and do not render complete obedience and loyalty to the Pope."

Although not part of the law suit, a recent video came to light implicating the Vatican and the Nazis, connecting them to the horrors of a concentration camp called Jasenovac. Previously, a well-guarded secret from the West, the following is an explanation of what when on in Jasenovac by the presenters of the video.

"Situated not really behind the iron curtain, Jasenovac concentration camp and its unsurpassed cruelty on Serbs, Jews and Gypsies have never been acknowledged in the west. One is for the desire of communist president Tito (of Croatian descent)to impose ideology of "brotherhood and unity" to former Yugoslavia, and the other is lack of awareness in the West, of the victimization of Serbian people fighting the fascism, including the cruelest Ustashe (Croatian nazi), the only Hitler's puppet state that imposed the same racial laws as Nazi Germany against Jews, Gypsies and Serbs.

"Watch this educational documentary and discover the shameful role of Vatican in the genocide. Citizens of the world owe it to 700.000 victims. Serbia, Serb, Srbija, Kosovo, ethnic cleansing, etnicko ciscenje, Croat, paramilitary, mujahedeen, al-qaeda."
Here is a link to the video for viewing:

Regarding Alperin, Levy said the case is reaching a very delicate point and is reserving comment, but stands on a recent statement he made in November:

"On the one hand the Vatican is quick to condemn Israel and Serbia in recent years but in essence says it's OK to butcher 500,000 people, steal their belongings and stash it in the Vatican Bank. Pope Benedict should be concerned that the moral integrity of his Papacy is being undermined in a Federal Court."

According to Levy, Alperin v. Vatican Bank was originally filed in Federal Court in San Francisco in November 1999. The plaintiffs are concentration camp survivors of Serb, Jewish, and Ukrainian background and their relatives as well as organizations representing over 500,000 Holocaust victims.

The plaintiffs also seek an accounting and restitution of the Nazi Croatian Treasury that according to the U.S. State Department was illicitly transferred to the Vatican bank and other banks after the end of the war.
Named defendants currently include the Vatican Bank, Franciscan Order, and the Croatian Liberation Movement. Levy said these defendants combined to conceal assets looted by the Croatian Nazis from concentration camp victims, Serbs, Jews, Roma and others between 1941-1945.

Levy is also quick to point out the heart of the Vatican Bank lawsuit is based on information chronicled in the book, The Secret War Against the Jews, co-authored by John Loftus who also serves as the plaintiffs expert witness in this case.

He added that from the authors of the bestselling, The Secret War Against the Jews , comes another explosive work, Unholy Trinity, exploring links between the Vatican and the Nazis, featuring startling new information that redefines the Catholic Church's role in twentieth-century history.

"I have filed another lawsuit, Levy v. CIA, filed under the Freedom of Information Act, seeking release of U.S. Intelligence agency files regarding the notorious Vatican spymaster, Fr. Krunoslav Draganovic. New records on Draganovic were released as a result of that lawsuit in 2001," said Levy.

Levy, who has appeared several times on Greg Szymanski's radio show, The Investigative Journal, is licensed in California and the District of Columbia , as well as having represented organizations and individuals in a variety of Holocaust and World War II related lawsuits including banking, insurance, and slave labor matters. Levy is also a member of the International Criminal Bar in The Hague.
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