Wednesday, November 15, 2006


By Byron J. Richards, CCN
September 11, 2006
Over one million Americans have been killed by Big Pharma in the last decade. Tens of millions have been seriously injured. Every person knows someone whose life has been damaged or snuffed out by Big Pharma. Consumers call for improved safety. Politicians pretending to respond to consumer outrage have now introduced legislation that, if passed, would create a new FDA—a Big Pharma FDA. At the same time, good legislation that would begin to address the multitude of major FDA problems has been scuttled.
The FDA Appears Hopelessly Broken
The FDA fails to require adverse event reporting during clinical trials, refuses to disclose after-market adverse events reported to it—claiming they are “trade secrets,” doesn’t require drug labels to state many known risks, allows massive off label use of dangerous drugs (even on children), has an inadequate system for following up on drugs in the market, and can’t even keep track of the names of drugs presently on the market. Learn More

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