Sunday, November 26, 2006

Northrop Grumman Engineer Could Get Death Penalty For Selling Classified Info

Washington, DC (AHN)-A federal grand jury has indicted Noshir Gowadia, a Northrop Grumman engineer, for allegedly transferring classified military information to China, Israel, Germany, and Switzerland.
Gowadia, a 62-year-old Indian-born engineer who worked for 18 years at Northrop Grumman could face the death penalty if convicted. A grand jury handed down an 18-count federal charge indictment on Nov. 15. He is expected to face trial in January 2007 in Honolulu.
In addition to allegedly offering Israel, Germany and Switzerland "top secret" data about U.S. weapons' technology, Gowadia is accused of selling detailed information on the technology used in the development of B-2 bomber engines, considered by the Pentagon as being "at the head of the list of China's intelligence target."
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