Friday, November 03, 2006

Rape/Fraud of Civil Liberties Powerfully Portayed - Free Video

Unconstitutional: The War on Our Civil Liberties.
Congress was not given sufficient opportunity to read the complete Patriot Act bill before signing it, and some are complaining that the signed Patriot Act is not the same as the one they were given to review. Others in Congress demanded to have the week-end to review it, but Bush rushed it through, claims DeFazio of Oregon. Barr of Georgia says that it came with an attached note requesting that Congress hold no hearings on the Patriot Act Bill before signing it. The purpose was to get the Bush/Gonzales wishes through without the checks and balances of the legislative branch. The bill was over 345 pages and printed at 3:45 am night before they were forced to sign it. DeFazio says it was not the same bill they had agreed on. Cities throughout the US have passed local ordinances making it unlawful for their local police authorities to cooperate with federal authority requests for information to facilitate charges under the Unlawful Patriot Act. Some librarians are shredding library records to facilitate American Rights of Privacy guaranteed by the Constitution and Common Law. This is a must see video. or at

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