Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ohio Political Prisoner Sentenced To 8 Year Prison Term

Elsebeth Baumgartner was expecting probation but judge backed-out of plea bargain. Former Ohio attorney still sits in an Ohio jail, hoping to be released on bond for Christmas.19 Dec 2006
By Greg Szymanski

The Ohio attorney who has fought corruption tooth and nail has finally had the wicked hand of fascism turn the jailhouse key, locking her away for a long and unwarranted prison term.

Elsebeth Baumgartner was sentenced Monday by Cuyahoga Country Judge, Shirley Saffold, to 8 years in prison on felony charges of intimidation and retaliation, charges Baumgartner said were “trumped up and bogus.”

Although Baumgartner was facing more than 109 years in jail and had already served more than 250 days behind bars, the sentence was dished out according to a last minute plea bargain which was supposed to be for probation, not jail time.

“The judge didn’t live up to the deal handed to Else by prosecutors, but she was given a $50,000 bond to stay out of jail pending appeal,” said her husband, Joe Baumgartner, Monday from his Ohio home. “The only problem is she is now serving 120 days on a misdemeanor contempt charges and she is having trouble being released on those charges.

“We are also looking for a way to overturn the sentencing since it wasn’t hat Else agreed to under the arrangements of the plea bargain. It appears again that the powers that be just flaunt justice and do whatever they want while Else is literally being persecuted.”

Baumgartner’s unique case has sent shockwaves through the patriot community as her many radio appearances illustrate how she has become one of America’s No. 1 political prisoners, showing just how far down the road of fascism this country has gone.

But in the mainstream press her story remains a virtual secret, unreported and hidden, showing how the press has become nothing but a propaganda arm for a fascist government hiding the red, white and blue American flag.

What makes Baumgartner’s case so outrageous is that all her troubles began over trying to do the right thing by uncovering corruption in her home state of Ohio which led all the way to the doorstep of the White House.
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