Thursday, January 11, 2007

Alfons of Veterans for 9/11 Truth to speak at the 9/11 Accountability: Strategies and Solutions

Eric Williams, an organizer of 9/11 Accountability Conference, saw/heard me speak in NYC during the 9/11 events just prior to 9/11/2006 said he was very impressed with the fiery enthusiasm that I exuded in that speech. (I was yelling, "arrest them" at the top of my lungs.) I am not afraid to get a little excited about 9/11 and what has ensued since. The guy who invited me to speak in NYC, Les Jamison of NY 9/11 Truth put in the good word for me as well, thanks Les.

I am very excited, and honored to be speaking along with such great patriots and truth tellers as, Dr. Robert Bowman, Jim Marrs, Dr. Steven Jones, Dr. Kevin Barrett, and many many others. See the list of speakers, and the tentative schedule here:

Thanks to the support of the v911t group and 9/11 Truth in general we are making great strides toward a better country and a safer world. Thanks,
Alfons v911t
PS: I ask for your help in the form of small donations for food and other items I will need for this trip to Phoenix, travel and lodging will be paid for. Also I remind you that the site fees are coming due and I need your help with that as well. Hit the donate button.

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