Monday, January 29, 2007

Fwd: Kevin Ryan launches lawsuit,

Message from Kevin

By all accounts, the unprecedented events of September 11th,
2001 "changed everything". It is therefore critical that
conscientious Americans, as well as all good people around the world,
understand these events in detail. Unfortunately the official
reports, including The 9/11 Commission Report and the NIST WTC
Report, written by those working under the direction of the Bush
Administration, fall far short of providing the explanations needed.

Both the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and my
former employer, Underwriters Laboratories (UL), seem to have taken
the stance that the public does not have a right to know what fire
resistance tests were performed on the steel component assemblies
used to build the World Trade Center (WTC) towers. But since NIST's
latest story for collapse of the WTC towers depends on the fire-
induced failure of these steel components, there is little
information that could be more important at this time.

When I worked there, top management at UL made clear to me that UL
performed these required tests. They have since stated that there
is "no evidence" that any firm tested the steel. Being tax-exempt,
due to their status as a public safety-testing organization, UL
should be held accountable for being honest and open with the public
about the history of their testing.

To help ensure this accountability, I've filed a lawsuit against UL
for wrongful termination. My attorneys and I hope to gain more
information about UL's role in the testing of the WTC steel
assemblies, and any other involvement UL has had with the WTC towers
or the NIST investigation. Since this lawsuit represents a critical
need for information about public safety, we invite the public to
contribute to our legal defense fund.

Thanks for your help. Kevin Ryan

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