Monday, January 01, 2007

Judge, Calling Florida Judicial System Corrupt, Now Targeted

Judge Cliff Barnes reached the breaking point of what he saw as judicial corruption, and decided to take the bull by the horns and report the judicial corruption. As a result, he has become the target of the very corrupt judicial system he is seeking to hold accountable. In particular, on July 10, 2006 Judge Barnes filed a Writ of Mandate in the Appeals Court of Florida to compel various named judges to comply with established law governing their conduct, and with the Constitution they have sworn to uphold.
St. Lucie County Judge Cliff Barnes claims his fellow judges, the state attorney and the public defender are breaking the law at first-appearance hearings and wants an appeals court to intervene.
As a result of his pursuit of justice, he is now being pursued by the Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission (JQC), which appears more interested in weeding out principled judges than on judicial discipline of wayward judges. A similar incident happened with Florida Judge Matt McMillan, who is now with Florida JAIL4Judges. A recap is written up on this story at Judge McMillan.
St. Lucie judge charged with violating judicial code (Orig link "Missing")
By Sarah Prohaska, Palm Beach Post Staff Writer 10-27-06
St. Lucie County Judge Cliff Barnes could face disciplinary action "including the possibility of being removed from office" after a state judicial commission found probable cause to launch an inquiry into allegations he "demeaned the integrity and independence of the judiciary."
The Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission, the panel that investigates alleged misconduct by state judges, filed formal charges Thursday against Barnes, alleging he violated both the code of judicial conduct and Florida statutes. Barnes in July filed a petition (Writ of Mandate) asking the Fourth District Court of Appeal to order several of his fellow judges, along with county sheriff, the Treasure Coast's public defender and state attorney, to change the way they conduct criminal defendants' first court appearances, alleging that the procedure they follow is illegal. The commission's charges allege Barnes violated the judges' code by making these complaints public. Behold, we now have a judge accused of violating the law by unveiling the corrupt conduct of judges who are violating the law.
Formal Charges Issued
Response to Charges
Motion to Dismiss

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