Friday, February 09, 2007

911 Truth brought to public attention, today, on "The View"

911 Truth brought to public attention, today, on "The View"

Oh My Lord, Rosie O'Donnel put her hands up and held an invisible
bull horn and hollered>>>(((911 was an inside job))) to the masses...

The "View" has huge audience due to Rosie's controversial speaking
out on touchy subjects, such as the illegal war...So this message
went far & wide, it did

If it weren't for my family being couch potatoes I wouldn't be
catching some of the stuff, I do, in the background...Thank goodness
for even couch potatoes, huh?

See, everyone has their place and serves some purpose even if you
can't see this on the surface...All does work together

How this came about is the guest host, Christine Ebersole, was
talking about a guy she said she was crazy about>>>John Conner from

Joy, one of the regulars was so interested, she's a comedian,
said>>>"Let me write this down" as she wrote down the info so she
could google and check into it later

In Rosie describing to the world who John Conner is, she said he
goes around to collage campuses or wherever he can think of and
that's when she put her hands up pretending to use the bull horn and
letting loose the truth for those couch potatoes who haven't heard
watching from tv land

We're getting there people...On all fronts...It may not seem or
look like it but things behind the scenes are evolving

There's still wayyyy too many of you fence sitters out
there...Those of you just watching silently taking no action to help
move things along, expecting that someone else will take care of what
needs be done>>>((((This Does Not Work & Never Has))))

One day...When you who do nothing, do something...So will many
others and...&>>>((((Boom))))...We're there

Please do you parts...Every little bit helps and does add up

You can begin here>>>

Google>>>John Conner and Danny Bonaduce and see how those in denial
as well as truly bad guys are controlling the comments with
negativity against John and in favor of that seeming, IMO, mean
spirited Danny Bonaduce

As a good & dedicated patriot signs off in her emails with>>>"Get
off your ass and help take your country back"

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