Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Fwd: Channel 4 in NYC shows no plane in their video

Now I can see why people have a "no plane" theory.

This is very strange Channel 4 shows no plane hitting the second
The commentators don't mention a plane at all, they say explosion, as
if they never saw a plane. I searched everywhere for the Channel 4
video in hopes of finding one with the plane. If someone lives in NYC
can you please call Channel 4, and ask them why there is no plane in
their video?

Compare this one at the 16 second mark
to this one at the 4 second mark
Note that in the channel 11 video the plane disappears behind the
building and takes 3 seconds to impact, and in the channel 4 video it
takes 5 seconds for the same event. What they are pointing out in the
channel 4 video is not the plane.

The other vidoes below are more of the same.

Alf v911t

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