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READ about the bus ride to the Pentagon in "Talk of the Town" in The New Yorker this week.

To the World Cant Wait Community,

Friday, Congress voted to expand funding for the war in Iraq, after Pelosi and the Democratic leaders refused to even consider a bill to remove the troops from Iraq immediately, and fund only their removal. They say this is an "anti-war" measure. Next, the Senate will pass its own re-funding of the war, and even then, Bush says he will veto any bill that sets any kind of date for pulling troops out of Iraq.

In response, Sean Penn, Daniel Ellsberg spoke strongly for impeachment Saturday. Rocky Anderson, the mayor of Salt Lake City has been featured on national news media (NPR today and the NY Times last week) as an advocate of impeachment.

In this newsletter are views weve gathered on what just happened. But wed like to know what you think. What do people at your work and school think? Write me.

Howard Zinn on the re-funding of the war in the appropriations bill:
"To me it is tantamount to the abolitionists accepting a two-year timeline for ending slavery, while giving more money to enforce the Fugitive Slave Act".

"Democrat's Victory Means More Iraqi Deaths: End the War Now -- Impeach! Impeach! Impeach!" by Sunsara Taylor

You Voted Them In to End the War, They Just Voted to Keep Funding It

March 23, 2007: Democrats in the House vote to continue funding the war, handing Bush $100 billion. Within the funding bill is a withdrawal timetable resolution to pull most troops out of Iraq by September 1st, 2008, and insists that the benchmarks for progress in Iraq be made requirements. The Democratic Party leadership touts this bill as a new direction in Iraq. Dont believe the hype

To the extent that the Democratic Party leadership opposes Bushs war, it is from the standpoint of defending and extending empire. They are deeply concerned about the ongoing debacle in Iraq and how it might hurt "American interests" (translation: empire), but not about the war crimes being committed by the US military. And while mouthing supposed opposition to the Iraq war, they call for strengthening the war on Afghanistan in the name of the "war on terrorism". (See Escalation of War on Afghanistan: What Will be the Consequences for the People? and The "Good War" in Afghanistan on worldcantwait.org for more on why the war on Afghanistan is unjust.) And in the bill passed Friday, language requiring Bush to get Congressional approval before attacking Iran was taken out at the insistence of Democratic Party leadership (see Congressional Democrats Strip Language Limiting Attack Against Iran From Bill).

If all that isnt enough for you, then keep in mind there is no enforcement mechanism for troop withdrawal by September 1 st, 2008 in this bill, and Bush has threatened to veto the legislation anyway.

This war must be stopped. War on Iran must be prevented. And Bush must be impeached.
But this isnt going to come from the Democrats in Congress. Its going to have to come from political upheaval from below, from the millions of people who hate this war getting out in the streets and demanding this war end nowread more

Some must reads on worldcantwait.org:

MoveOn.org Versus Its Members by David Swanson Support the Troops? Or End the War Now? Q&A: If we pull out of Iraq, won't it get worse? Who's to Blame for the Civil War in Iraq?
Debra Sweet
Director, The World Cant Wait Drive Out the Bush Regime

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