Sunday, March 18, 2007

How You Can Help Prisonplanet & Infowars Spread 9/11 Truth Via

Truth Movement Could Explode Online with New Marketing Tools
Tuesday, February 20, 2007
For those who do not yet know how to use Digg, a reader has
written the following very helpful piece:
You may have seen this new icon on our original articles lately:

This feature is called DIGG, Which is located at the top right hand
side of selected PrisonPlanet articles and can be found online at
This new feature enables Prisionplanet readers, for the first time,
to vote on news content. This enables news articles that receive the
most votes to climb higher in a ladder based news system.
This key feature enables a direct communication with the reader and
lets a reader decide the future outcome of a news
story. With this interaction readers finally have the opportunity to
become a core part of bringing a news story to a greater audience.
What Is It?
Digg is a FREE user driven social content website. Everything on
Digg is submitted by the Digg community. After digg users submit
content, other people read their submissions and "Digg" what they
like best. If the story rocks and receives enough "Diggs", it is
promoted to the front page for the millions of visitors to see.
Digg receives more traffic than and almost as much
traffic as Its rank in Alexa is 74. (The smaller the number,
the more traffic it receives)
A recent article entitled BBC 9/11 Documentary
LikeLy Hit Piece made the HomePage of and ended up with more
then 700 Diggs, which could be viewed here, and was read by many who
do not normally visit the website, thanks to help from our readers. jumped up in the Alexa web rankings as a result
the next day, and many people who do not normally visit the website
read the 9/11 article.
Help Spread 9/11 Truth
If you wish to become part of the Digg community, all you have to
do is simply sign up for an account at and click
on "Join Digg" on the top right, or simply Click Here You can also
sign up by simply clicking the Digg feature on the top right of
selected articles. This will instantly take you to the set up page.
Once you have signed up and are logged in, you can digg any stories
you like, and this will help them get maximum exposure.
Digg is an incredible tool for those interested in spreading 9/11
Truth and supporting Alex Jones. If you wish to digg 9/11 Truth
stories at Prisonplanet, simply click the Digg icon on the top right.
If you wish to add Steve Watson to digg, his name is sonof101 or
Click Here to learn the latest stories he submitted. If you wish to
add Paul Watson to digg, his name is onedeaddj or Click Here to learn
the latest stories he submitted.

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