Friday, April 13, 2007

Energy is a very complicated/urgent issue

Energy is a very complicated/urgent issue:
The debate rages based upon agenda, philosophy, and many flawed ideological concepts. The rightist fascist mantra is big government is bad government, when the truth is bad government is bad no matter what it’s size. Why do they the fascist rightist want small and less powerful government? It is because the fascist wants that power, and power is essentially a zero sum game. Unregulated capitalism doesn’t work because venture capital will not venture where profit is not, and where it does venture it leaves a wake of exploitation, and destruction in the form of many kinds of degradation it’s path. Unregulated capitalism might work if we lived in a cornucopian reality, but we live on a finite planet with finite resources. In such cases it is only government that can step in and make things rational, or make things work for the greater good, instead of just for the interest of the elite capitalist who have a long history of irrational, and extremely atrocious behavior that undermines the collective in favor of the rich. In the end it is this agenda that undermines the survival of the entire species as well as the entire biosphere, and it was nothing personal, it was just business.

Many, if not all, of the larger problems we face are for the most part because of the marriage of corporation and government. The elite more than any socioeconomic aspect of our country, need to be governed, and they are the ones doing the governing. Their interest are conflicted, and so we get where we are today, with huge problems that are not going to be easy to solve, and if we let those that caused the problems try to fix them, it is likely the problems will be exacerbated rather than mitigated. So the oil/energy corporations are the last entity we should look to for a rational plan for future energy needs.

I could write a huge thesis on this topic of government, industry, commanding heights, Randism, zionnazism, and the neoconistic agenda, but I just don’t have the time right now. I will say this, the human race is at a crossroads, and we had better choose the path we take with wisdom, or we will very likely cross the point of no return. We are lost in a blur of confusion perpetrated by conspirators that we have a hard time even being aware of.

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