Friday, April 20, 2007

NASA evacuates Houston building amid alert; SWAT teams on campus

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20 April 2007
Breaking: 'They are with weapons drawn - they (SWAT teams, police) are at the ready.' Officials: Man With Weapon Barricaded In JSC Building --NASA is a secure building; ID is required for access 20 Apr 2007 A building at the Johnson Space Center was evacuated Friday afternoon after a man with a weapon barricaded himself inside, KPRC Local 2 reported... The roads around Building 44 are blocked. A local school has been locked down. MSNBC - KPRC reporter: "The only people who can go through the gate are employees, government officials, and media personnel who have been issued credentials - not merely ID. Your name has to be on a list, and you have to pass a checkpoint. That includes everyone who works at NASA... This person [gunman] had credentials." Just posting that quote now, before that point is later 'forgotten.' --LRP]

NASA evacuates Houston building amid alert --Authorities checking out report about gunman at Johnson Space Center 20 Apr 2007 A building at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston was evacuated Friday amid reports that an armed person was spotted there, the space agency said. NASA security personnel as well as Houston police responded to "a report about a person with a weapon" at Building 44 on the space center's campus, agency spokeswoman Lynette Madison told

Unconfirmed: reports of shots fired. 'SWAT teams have assembled on the campus.'

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