Friday, April 06, 2007

A Pat on the Back, and a atta boy/gal

Members, truth tellers, truth seekers,

I just wanted to say that We of v911t did contribute to the critical
mass we are seeing now in the 9/11 Truth Movement. Let's really put the
pressure on; let's redouble our efforts. I for one am very excited
about the recent events with Rosie, and the MSM. 9/11 Truth is
springing up all over, and we sowed many of those seeds of Truth, now
we need to water the seeds some, and then comes the harvest, our just

Dream the good dream, see it, believe it, and make it happen. Be a
visionary, an activist, and a patriot. It is the good fight brothers
and sisters, never forget that. You have my greatest respect and

Resist, Fight, Win, Never Quit!,
Alfons v911t

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