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Before there was a Iraq war, Fahrenheit 9-11, Loose Change, and 9-11 Commission

Must see BBC documentary,
Before there was 'Fahrenheit 9-11', before there was 'Loose Change',
there was the war in Iraq, before there was the '9-11 Commission",
before the
second Rovian ruined election, there was the BBC documentary: Clear
Skies - 9/11 Air Defense a 2002 Gold Nugget from the BBC!
this great non bias BBC perspective from the UK:
Must see Non 9-11 truth video with several 'gold nuggets' that imply
no less
than 2 of the simultaneous war games scheduled on Sept. 11, 2001,
possible fight 93 "shoot down" and cover-up! the broadcast threat
to "angel" Air
Force One, also the video and live DC footage of "The 911 Mystery
Plane" the
Air force "Doom's Day" Command and control aircraft patrolling over
DC during
the attacks without air support?
Implicating the possible Dick Cheney Air force "Stand Down" orders
Documentary includes several US Air force personnel interviews on
happened during these same "war games, includes Lynne Cheney and
Dennis Hastert's
interviews, giggling like school girls about their actions during
the Attack
on DC as if they just won the lottery? one of the first pre-2003
videos in
which you CAN hear several audible sequential explosions during the
WTC tower
Some may say this film is right wing propaganda, but with an
objective eye
you can easily see the implication of the 9-11 Hijackers
foreknowledge of code
names to Air Force one, to US War Game schedules and scenarios, if so
hasn't there been any investigations into these allegations?
research for yourself "able danger" and _1998: Does Atta Train at
Conducting Pilotless Aircraft Exercises?_


_Complete 911 Timeline_
Clear the Skies - 9/11 Air Defense

Item Information
Strategic response to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 is
thoroughly analyzed in the riveting BBC documentary Clear the Skies:
9/11 Air
Defense. This hour long program examines the events on 9/11 from the
perspective of
U.S. domestic defense, beginning at 8:30 a.m., shortly before the
hijacked jet struck the World Trade Center towers, and ending late
that afternoon
when President Bush safely returned to Washington, D.C. Dozens of
details are revealed, including the fact that only four Air Force
were available to defend the entire Northeastern United States; the
blast doors
in the North American Air Defense command center, deep within
Cheyenne Mountain, were closed for the first time since operations
began in
1966; and President Bush assured reporters on Air Force One
that "two-bit thugs"
would not keep America down (a candid off-the-record expression of

What emerges from this chronological account is the sobering
conclusion that
America was unprepared for this "new kind of war." But Clear the
Skies also
demonstrates how admirable efficiency prevailed under extreme
as Air Force pilots, reporters, and government officials share their
of those unforgettable hours. Emphasis is placed on procedures that
nearly 5,000 aircraft to achieve an unprecedented state of "Air
Control Zero." Actual radar footage shows how quickly this was
accomplished, and
a step-by-step analysis of the day's events (using file footage,
photos, and
dramatic reenactments) shows how the protection of America's
executive chain
of command was 100% successful. With a compelling combination of
images and deep-background investigation, Clear the Skies offers an
all-access pass to the complexities of air defense. Among the many
fine DVDs that
chronicle 9/11 from a variety of perspectives, this is one of the
best. --Jeff

The very idea of the United States being attacked by air was
and unexpected. On the morning of September 11, 2001, 14 fighter
dispersed among seven bases, were responsible for the country's
mainland air
defense; four alone responsible for the entire North East. At 9:44
a.m. an order
was given that had never been attempted before, to go to Condition
Air Traffic
Control Zero - to clear the skies of all non-military aircraft. At
that time,
roughly 4,836 commercial and private planes were flying over the
States and in less than three hours the clear the skies order was
fully carried
out. This is the story of how, minute-by-minute, America's air
defense as well
as those responsible for the President's and other government
safety responded when the horrific events of 9/11 unfolded. Discover
personal accounts from this unforgettable day as fighter pilots, air
officials, Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, Transportation
Norman Mineta, Lynne Cheney and those who were with the President at
key moments
tell their stories.
_Virginia9-11Truth : Message: The 911 Mystery Plane_

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