Sunday, May 13, 2007

Eric Hufschmidt attacks Veterans for 9/11 Truth

Watch till end.

My response to Eric Hufschmidt's hit piece.

An Op Ed on Racism in the Truth Movement: The many routes to the same
by Alfons of v911t 05/13/2007

Eric says, "Nobody gets publicity on the Zionist media unless it
helps Zionism." So then Webster Tarpley is a Zionist plant?
The "nobody gets publicity" statement is unsubstantiated and on it's
face a false statement, too absolute to be true. Eric's reasoning is
very flawed, and therefore so are his conclusions. Note that the only
members of the v911t that I know of, who have been on the MSM are Dr.
Robert Bowman, and Dr. Jim Fetzer.

I am the editor in chief for the Veterans for 9/11 Truth, I have
complete editorial control over the radio show and the websites, the
v911t yahoo group is an open forum where people can espouse just
about anything they want within reason. I know for sure I am not on
the side of the "Zionist". When I use the term Zionist in this
context, I am referring to a small group of conspirators who are part
of an international crime syndicate.

Jew and Zionist are "hot button" terms that are best left unsaid in
my opinion, because the use of such terms evoke emotional responses
that are irrational. I think the 9/11 Truth seekers ought to focus on
who the people are, not what they believe in, or their ethnic
heritage, what they believe in, and their ethnicity, are red
herrings, and are not relevant to the investigation.

The redundant use of such terms such as jew, and zionist is
prejudicial, and when used in broad generalizations, they are clearly
racist in agenda. Racism is highly divisive, and serves as a wedge to
set one good person against another, and all for reasons that are
irrational, and are not based in the truth. If I were going to help
out the "Zionist", racism would be the card I would play. And so I
therefore must conclude, that DBS and Eric Hufschmidt are Zionist
propagandist attempting to use racism to divide and conquer the 9/11
Truth movement.

Just because it is true does not mean that people will automatically
believe it. Just because the story is true does not mean you should
just tell it. Just blurting the truth out there can be a very poor
use of strategy. We of the 9/11 Truth movement must be very careful
of the Mighty Weapon we wield with our pens, keyboards, and voices,
or we stand the chance of mortally wounding ourselves with
the "mightier than the sword" weapon of truth we wield. Wisdom must
stand as a vigilant guard over our message of truth and justice.

Alfons v911t

--- End forwarded message ---

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