Friday, May 04, 2007

Fwd: I have had a great last 2 days - May 4, Kent State

This week has been a blast for me.
I was able to be at KSU when Alan Canfora made his announcement of a
recording of the events of May 4, 1970 and got a copy from Alan, who
is a very nice man. We have had some really good conversations. He
just needs to hear that it was wrong that the National Guard shot at
the students and I really don't think that's too much to ask for.

I met Mary Ann Vecchio on May 3rd at the May 4 tour site. She hugged
me and said she was thankful that we (the students) are keeping the
story alive. Also a very warm person. My heart broke when she was
crying at the marker of where Jeff Miller died and her infamous
picture was taken.

Today I met Cindy Sheehan. I gave her a ride to her hotel from the
airport. She is speaking at the May 4 activities tomorrow. She has
been helping Tim get his story out about the incident at the
library. I'm so grateful that I've known her for a while and to get
to meet her today and talk to her about stuff, that was nice. That
and having some media cover what happened at the library, has been
good and eye opening. and an independent
journalist, Sarah Olson, are writing stories on Tim. Sarah is one of
the journalists who were asked to testify about her story for about Lt. Watada. I've sent the story to Mike Malloy
too and I hope he picks it up.

You know, it's awesome to meet people you admire, but I realized
something today. The only way that change happens is when we refuse
to let others run all over us. That change comes from each of us
individually and then mixes together for the good of all.

On a side note I got to meet some of the Psalters (a Christian music
group that I love listening to) and I will get to see them perform

Things are awesome. Dispite the fact that Tim might go to jail, now
that the fear is removed, I'm incredibly ok with it and so is Tim.

If you're in Kent, Ohio on Friday, please come to the May 4 events on
the commons. And if you can, visit with me at the Eyes Wide Open
display, which is boots on the ground for every Ohio soldier who has
lost their life in Iraq.

Peace - there is no other option!

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