Wednesday, June 27, 2007

D.C. Madam reveals name of Cheney in interview

The Free Press <> wrote:
The Free Press offers this breaking news story via the Progressive Revolution Radio program:

Editor's note: The D.C. madam spoke about the reason she is facing RICO
charges, insisting that her case is a "political case." About her records, she
said "...once these records are released en masse to a multitude of responsible
investigators and journalists be they independents or mainstream, the truth
will be gotten to. And in those records there are probably 20, 50, 100, possibly
more, Randall Tobiases, Dick Morrises, Harlan Ullmans, and yes, the name of
Dick Cheney has been touted on more than one occasion in those records. And,
can you imagine the -- it will be Watergate times how many people!" The D.C.
Madam says her client list includes 10,000 people over "thirteen or so years." is a streaming media project of,
Bob Fitrakis, Editor.

In peace...

The Free Press

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