Sunday, June 03, 2007

A Study in the Physics of Impact. WTC seismic/energy anomolies

What is astounding is the fact that the energy released in the 2nd collapse, is 2 times the energy released in the 1st collapse, and the energy released by the collapse of WTC 7 is less than .30 % of either prior collapse.

A study of the top 15 floors of the WTC Tower: Force at impact.
The top 15 floors of a WTC tower would impact the ground with about 6 times more force than was recorded by the Seismographs. Keep in mind, this is just the top 15 floors, there are 110 floors. Do you see a problem here?

Comparison of Energy Release of WTC 1 vs. WTC 2
joules of wtc 1/joules of wtc 2 = %
2 89125090/177827900 = 50.11% , There was twice as much energy released in the second collapse
89125090 (joules of first collapse) x 2 = 178250180
The question here is why would the Twin Towers not have Twin energy release?

Building 7 was about 1/2 the Height, and 1/3 the mass of the twin towers.
501187.2/177827900 = 0.2818 % = 501119
Less than one percent of the energy released by the 2nd collapse is released by building 7?

This is a great study, physicist must read.

by, Alfons

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