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FBI Proposes Building Network of U.S. Informants 26 Jul 2007

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26 Jul 2007
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'DC Madam' Phone Records --By Lori Price Updated! 'DC Madam' phone records - 2006 (50 pages, .pdf) has been added. 26 Jul 2007

FBI Proposes Building Network of U.S. Informants 25 Jul 2007 The FBI is taking cues from the CIA to recruit thousands of covert informants in the United States as part of a sprawling effort to boost its intelligence capabilities. Other recent proposals include expanding its collection and analysis of data on U.S. persons, retaining years' worth of Americans' phone records and even increasing so-called "black bag" secret entry operations. To handle the increase in so-called human sources, the FBI also plans to overhaul its database system, so it can manage records and verify the accuracy of information from "more than 15,000" informants, according to the document.

Iraq Parliament Passes Law to Privatize Oil Refineries 25 Jul 2007 Iraq's Parliament has approved a law privatizing the country's oil-refining sector in order to lure investment [US corpora-terrorists] and stem a [US-created] fuel shortage. Oil Minister Hussain al-Shahristani told United Press International Wednesday from his mobile phone in Baghdad that the government will provide incentives to both domestic and foreign private oil companies whose refinery plans the ministry approves.

Iraqis blame U.S. depleted uranium for surge in cancer 23 Jul 2007 Iraq's environment minister blamed Monday the use of depleted uranium weapons by U.S. forces during the 2003 Operation Shock and Awe for the current surge in cancer cases across the country. As a result of "at least 350 sites in Iraq being contaminated during bombing" with depleted uranium (DU) weapons, Nermin Othman said, the nation is facing about 140,000 cases of cancer, with 7,000 to 8,000 new ones registered each year.

At least 50 Iraqis killed in two blasts 25 Jul 2007 Two suicide [US] bombs on Wednesday killed 50 people in Iraq. The two bombs exploded in Baghdad as Iraqis celebrated their football team's semi-final win over South Korea in the Asian Cup, killing 50 people and wounding 135.

Sunni bloc boycotts Iraq government 25 Jul 2007 Iraq's largest Sunni parliamentary bloc has announced it is expanding its boycott of cabinet meetings to a full withdrawal from the government. Salim Abdullah, a spokesman for the National Accordance Front, said it would give Nuri al-Maliki, Iraq's prime minister, a week to meet its demands before taking further action. "There were a host of demands submitted by the Front to the government, including suspending the raids and arrests," Abdullah said.

Troop withdrawal from Iraq hopes fade --Killed soldier's twin to return to Iraq 26 Jul 2007 Hopes of a rapid British withdrawal from Iraq appeared to diminish yesterday after a minister said the present force level was needed for the safety of the troops. Bob Ainsworth, the Armed Forces minister, admitted there was "not much left in the locker" following disclosures that the Army had almost no reserves.

House Democrats plan vote on Iraq withdrawal --Proposal would compel the pResident to begin pulling out troops within 60 days, but it would not set a deadline for completion. 26 Jul 2007 Plotting yet another challenge to President [sic] Bush's Iraq war 'strategy,' House DemocRATic leaders are preparing to vote on a new withdrawal plan next week. Rep. John P. Murtha (D-Pa.), chairman of the defense appropriations subcommittee, said Wednesday that he planned to introduce a measure that would compel the president to begin pulling out troops within 60 days of enactment. But in a bid to gain more Republican support and increase pressure on Bush, Murtha said, the latest Democratic plan would not set a deadline for completing the withdrawal.

House Bill Bars Permanent Bases in Iraq 26 Jul 2007 The House overwhelmingly approved legislation yesterday that would bar the establishment of permanent military bases in Iraq and the use of federal dollars to exercise control over Iraqi oil resources. The measure, passed 399 to 24, was part of a barrage of Iraq bills scheduled for this month and designed to raise pressure on Republicans to break with President [sic] Bush on the war.

US rejects Italy's call to withdraw from Afghanistan 25 Jul 2007 The United States on Wednesday rejected Italy's call to end the US military mission in Afghanistan over what Rome termed "morally unacceptable" civilian casualties. Italian Foreign Minister Massimo D'Alema, quoted by the ANSA news agency, said: "The civilian casualties resulting from recent operations against the Taliban are morally unacceptable. They are a real disaster politically and have created major tensions between the Afghan government and the international forces. We think it would be advisable to end" Operation Enduring Freedom.

Pentagon Study Sees Threat in Guantánamo Detainees 26 Jul 2007 Accelerating the public relations battle over terrorism suspects held at Guantánamo Bay, a new study of prisoners in 2004 and 2005 requested by the Pentagon argues that many were a proven threat to United States forces. They included fighters of Al Qaeda [al-CIAduh], veterans of terrorism training camps and men who had experience with explosives, sniper rifles and rocket-propelled grenades, it said.

Putin calls for response to US 'threat' 25 Jul 2007 Russia must strengthen its military and step up spying on the west in response to US plans to site parts of a missile defence shield in eastern Europe, President Vladimir Putin warned on Wednesday.

Arab League extends 'hand of peace' to Israel 25 Jul 2007 Arab League envoys paid a historic visit to Israel on Wednesday to present a plan for a regional settlement, saying they were extending "a hand of peace" on behalf of the Arab world.

U.S. Kills Plans to Build Embassy in Hezbollah Area of Beirut 25 Jul 2007 The Blotter has learned that plans for a controversial new U.S. Embassy in Beirut have been put on hold indefinitely, and effectively killed, according to a U.S. State Department spokesperson.

BAE Systems to develop seeker for Multiple Kill Vehicle program 24 Jul 2007 BAE Systems will develop and test a key component of the U.S. Missile Defense Agency's Multiple Kill Vehicle payload system. The company will produce, test, and integrate the system's carrier vehicle seeker for the captive carry testbed under a two-year, $6.3 million contract from Lockheed Martin Space Systems Co.

US wants trucks mounted with frikkin' laser beams --Raygun lorries to beam enemy shells out of the sky By Lewis Page 23 Jul 2007 US arms and aerospace manufacturer Boeing announced on Friday that it had landed a contract to develop truck-mounted laser cannons for the US Army. As part of the Army's High Energy Laser Technology Demonstrator (HEL TD) project, Boeing will produce a "rugged beam control system", which will be mounted on a monstrous 20 tonne Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck.

DOD seeks builder for shape-shifting military robot --Looks for technology to become battlefield weapon 25 Jul 2007 Creative scientists have until next week to submit proposals for creating a shape-shifting military robot that can shrink and then reconfigure itself to normal height and shape... The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is accepting proposals for building the so-called Chemical Robot (ChemBot) from researchers until July 2.

Overhaul Urged in Care for Soldiers --Dole-Shalala Commission Wants Bush to Act Quickly 26 Jul 2007 A presidential commission examining the care given to wounded U.S. service members yesterday recommended "fundamental changes" aimed at simplifying the military's convoluted health-care bureaucracy and overhauling the veterans disability system for the first time in more than half a century.

9/11 Workers Not Getting Enough Care, Report Says 25 Jul 2007 Almost six years after the terrorist attack on New York, the federal government still does not have an adequate array of health programs for ground zero workers — or a reliable estimate of how much treating their illnesses will cost — according to a federal report released yesterday. The report, produced by the Government Accountability Office, an arm of Congress, concluded that thousands of federal workers and responders who came to ground zero from other parts of the country do not have access to suitable health programs.

US points out 9 terror camps in Waziristan --American embassy rejects report 26 Jul 2007 The US authorities have pointed out the locations of nine alleged terrorist training camps in North Waziristan to Pakistani authorities and an anti[pro]-terrorism campaign has been started in the area, Geo news reported on Wednesday. Quoting its sources, the channel said that Pakistan and the US would act secretly against terrorists in Waziristan. They said that the action against Abdullah Mehsud in Balochistan was part of the "silent operation started under US pressure". The channel reported that US authorities have warned of "dire consequences" if America was attacked by terrorists during this period.

U.S. ignored UK request, seized two suspects: report 25 Jul 2007 The United States ignored a British request and seized two suspected militants in Gambia in 2002 and sent them to the Guantanamo Bay prison camp, a British parliamentary report said on Wednesday. "This case shows a lack of regard, on the part of the U.S., for UK concerns," the Intelligence and Security Committee said in a report on U.S. "renditions," [kidnappings] or the secret transfer of terrorist suspects between countries.

Senate office buildings evacuated due to smoke --NBC: Incident caused by small electrical fire; buildings 'safe for re-entry' 25 Jul 2007 Two Senate office buildings were briefly evacuated Wednesday because of the smell of smoke. They were reopened minutes later, deemed "safe for re-entry," according to an announcement over the Capitol's public address system. The cause was a small electrical fire in an air intake unit, according to NBC's Chip Reid.

CLGers comment on the 'smoky Senate buildings' story:
CLG Outreach Coordinator, siri: I'm thinkin' of Hugo. It's the devil. Smell the sulphur?

CLGer Pat: Hmmm, testing how the virus will travel through the ventilation system and affect the members of Congress? LOL. Now that would explain the "shadow gov" the gov won't let the Oregon Senator see. Just speculating. Every time they have done something like this, it ends up being related to some scummy thing they are going to do to us down the road. LOL.

CLGer Robyn S.: Of COURSE... to push the news of the contempt charges off the headlines!

CLGer Martha:The New World Order types are rigging the demolition circuits and explosives for the scheduled al-CIAduh terrorism. I suspect '9-11, the sequel' is planned for Washington. Kill a bunch of legislators, and power goes to the quasi-legal continuity of government types.

A measure of the public sentiment By Mark Yannone 25 Jul 2007 Today's truckload of heartbreaking news about our country contained the following: Breaking: MSNBC: Two senate office buildings being evacuated due to "smoke condition" --Two Senate Buildings (Dirksen and Hart) have been evacuated due to a "smoke condition." An audible fire alarm has been reported. People have been evacuated from the two buildings. [Story credit] Knowing how concerned my fellow Americans would be about our US Senate being burned to the ground, I passed the word along... Here is a sample. From Oregon: Book burning getting out of hand?

U.S. airports warned of possible attack "dry runs" 25 Jul 2007 Terrorists may be conducting "dry runs" at U.S. airports to test security before a possible attack, according to a Transportation Security Administration warning to airport screeners.

Bomb Threat Forces Jet Back to Sea-Tac 25 Jul 2007 A bomb threat made by a man who missed his flight caused authorities to order a Northwest Airlines jetliner bound for Memphis to return to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on Wednesday, officials said. Flight 980, an Airbus 320 with 142 people on board, left Seattle at about 12:33 p.m. and was turned around as a precaution, authorities said.

SIUE student accused of terrorist threat attempt 25 Jul 2007 A Southern Illinois University student who recently ordered several semiautomatic weapons online has been accused of threatening a "murderous rampage" similar to the Virginia Tech shootings that left 32 people and the gunman dead. The 22-year-old from Maplewood, N.J. was charged Tuesday with attempting to make a terrorist threat, a felony.

Tanks of propane, acetylene explode near downtown Dallas; 3 hurt 25 Jul 2007 Flaming debris rained onto a busy highway during a series of explosions at a gas facility near the city's dense downtown area, injuring three people and rattling windows and buildings blocks away. The explosions set off bursts of flames and a billowing stack of black smoke that could be seen for miles.

Gas Tanks Explode at Dallas Facility 25 Jul 2007 A series of explosions at a gas facility sent flaming debris raining onto highways and buildings near downtown Wednesday and injured at least three people. Authorities evacuated a half-mile area surrounding the Southwest Industrial Gases, Inc. facility and shut down parts nearby Interstates 30 and 35 as the explosions continued for more than half an hour.

Cooling System Explodes in UCLA Building 25 Jul 2007 The cooling system of a building at the University of California, Los Angeles, exploded Wednesday, damaging two underground levels of a nanotechnology center, authorities said. No one was injured and an electrical malfunction was suspected as the cause of the blast, the university said in a statement.

Bipartisan group blasts NSA wiretaps 25 Jul 2007 A U.S. bipartisan group Wednesday said the National Security Agency's warrantless surveillance program is illegal. The Liberty and Security Committee of the Constitution Project said in a statement that the U.S. Congress should finish its probe into the warrantless surveillance program before it heeds the urging of the Bush administration to beef up laws on electronic surveillance.

Report Suggests Laws Broken in Attorney Firings 25 Jul 2007 House Democrats, preparing for a vote today on contempt citations against President [sic] Bush's chief of staff and former counsel, produced a report yesterday that for the first time alleges specific ways that several administration officials may have broken the law during the multiple firings of U.S. attorneys.

Documents Contradict Gonzales' Sworn Testimony 26 Jul 2007 Documents show that eight congressional leaders were briefed about the Bush regime's terrorist surveillance program on the eve of its expiration in 2004, contradicting sworn Senate testimony this week by Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. The documents, obtained by The Associated Press, come as senators consider whether a perjury investigation should be opened into conflicting accounts about the program and a dramatic March 2004 confrontation leading up to its potentially illegal reauthorization. A Gonzales spokesman maintained Wednesday that the attorney general stands by his testimony.

Gonzo on the Hill: A Comedic Tragedy By Andrew Cohen 25 Jul 2007 Forget about the politicization of the Justice Department. Forget about the falling morale there... Forget about the contorted and contradictory accounts he's offered before in his own defense. Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales deserves to be fired for his testimony Tuesday alone; for morphing into Jon Lovitz's famous "pathological liar" character (or maybe just one of the Marx Brothers) as he tried to dodge and duck responsibility before the Senate Judiciary Committee not just for his shameful leadership at Justice but also his shameless role in visiting an ailing John Ashcroft in the hospital to try to strong-arm him into renewing the warrantless surveillance program. Can anyone out there remember a worse, less-inspiring, less confidence-inducing performance on Capitol Hill? I cannot.

Panel Holds Two Bush Aides in Contempt 25 Jul 2007 The House Judiciary Committee voted today to seek contempt of Congress citations against a top aide to President [sic] Bush and a former presidential aide over their refusal to cooperate in an inquiry about the firing of federal prosecutors. The 22-to-17 vote along party lines escalates the battle between the administration and Congressional Democrats over the dismissals of nine United States attorneys last year...

House Panel Finds Bush Aides In Contempt --Committee Met Wednesday Morning 25 Jul 2007 The House Judiciary Committee voted contempt of Congress citations Wednesday against White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten and President [sic] George W. Bush's former legal counselor, Harriet Miers.

Alaska's Young, Stevens Face Inquiry --U.S. Prosecutors Look at Ties of Republican Lawmakers to Engineering Firm VECO 25 Jul 2007 A senior House Republican has come under criminal investigation in the Justice Department's widening inquiry into alleged influence-peddling and self-dealing in Congress.

Colo. Professor Vows to Fight Dismissal 25 Jul 2007 A professor scorned for remarks about Sept. 11 victims vowed that his firing over allegations of plagiarism, falsification and other misconduct wouldn't end his 2-year dispute with the University of Colorado. "We're out of kangaroo court and going into real court," David Lane, Ward Churchill's attorney, said. Lane plans to file a lawsuit in Denver Wednesday alleging Churchill's First Amendment rights were violated. He says Churchill was targeted because of his views.

Democrats Push Parcel of Bills That Could Split Republicans 26 Jul 2007 With a final deal yesterday on major homeland security legislation, Democratic leaders in Congress believe they can begin to lift Congress's rock-bottom approval ratings while driving an ideological wedge through the Republican Party on domestic issues.

Lawmakers to discuss 1872 law reform --Under the law, companies haven't paid taxpayers $245B on minerals from public land 23 Jul 2007 A small plane dodging wildfire smoke over Idaho's Rocky Mountains affords a view of an unnatural wonder few hikers ever see: Huge open pit mines... On Thursday, lawmakers will discuss a bill to dismantle the General Mining Act of 1872, signed by President Ulysses Grant to help develop the West's mineral deposits in the 19th century, but unchanged since. Under the law, private companies haven't paid royalties to taxpayers for an estimated $245 billion worth of minerals extracted from public lands in the last 135 years. It also allows companies to buy public land for as little as $5 an acre. And it elevates mining's importance above other uses of public land, making it difficult for agencies like the U.S. Forest Service to deny any mine applications, environmentalists say.

Activists push Home Depot to drop Fox 25 Jul 2007 The Sierra Club and other U.S. activist groups have launched a campaign to get Home Depot to drop its ads from the Fox network. Fox News has run many segments with guest experts who question the validity of global warming, the group says.

Southern Europe bakes in second heat wave --33 deaths in Romania, 5 in Greece as some areas top 110 degrees 25 Jul 2007 Southern Europe sweltered through some of the year's hottest weather Wednesday as the second major heat wave in a month sparked yet more forest fires and had power officials scrambling to avert a repeat of Tuesday's widespread blackouts in the western Balkans. The heat has claimed at least 33 lives in Romania.

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[Previous lead stories:] Special Prosecutor Weighed for Gonzales 24 Jul 2007 Angry senators suggested a special prosecutor should investigate misconduct at the Justice Department, accusing Attorney General Alberto Gonzales on Tuesday of deceit on the prosecutor firings and President [sic] Bush's eavesdropping program. Democrats and Republicans alike hammered Gonzales in four hours of testimony as he denied trying, in 2004, to push a hospitalized former attorney general into approving a counterterror program that the Justice Department then viewed as illegal.

Bush's Martial Law Plan Is So Shocking, Even Congress Can't See It --Executive uber alles as member of Homeland Security Committee barred from viewing post-terror attack provisions By Paul Joseph Watson 23 Jul 2007 President [sic] Bush's post-terror attack martial law plan is so shocking that even sitting members of Congress and Homeland Security officials are barred from viewing it, another example of executive uber alles and a chilling portent of what is to come as constant reminders of the inevitability of terror attacks reverberate... Since [Rep. Peter] DeFazio (D-OR) also sits on the Homeland Security Committee and has clearance to view classified material, the request would have appeared to be routine, but the Congressman was unceremoniously denied all access to view the documents, and the White House wouldn't even give an excuse as to why he was barred.

FBI Seeks to Pay Telecoms For Data --$5 Million a Year Sought for Firms to Keep Databases 25 Jul 2007 The FBI wants to pay the major telecommunications companies to retain their customers' Internet and phone call information for at least two years for the agency's use in counterterrorism investigations and is asking Congress for $5 million a year to defray the cost, according to FBI officials and budget documents.

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Breaking News and Commentary from Citizens For Legitimate Government 26 Jul 2007
All links and summaries to articles below are available here:
'DC Madam' Phone Records --By Lori Price Updated! 'DC Madam' phone records - 2006 (50 pages, .pdf) has been added. 26 Jul 2007

FBI Proposes Building Network of U.S. Informants 25 Jul 2007 The FBI is taking cues from the CIA to recruit thousands of covert informants in the United States as part of a sprawling effort to boost its intelligence capabilities. Other recent proposals include expanding its collection and analysis of data on U.S. persons, retaining years' worth of Americans' phone records and even increasing so-called "black bag" secret entry operations. To handle the increase in so-called human sources, the FBI also plans to overhaul its database system, so it can manage records and verify the accuracy of information from "more than 15,000" informants, according to the document.

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