Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The ontology of the epistemological paradigmatic apotheosis, by Alfons

Much Faith is not reasoned, it is just faith, belief without evidence. I am an agnostic gnostic pantheistic deist, and many other things as well, but I have reached this juncture with a great deal of research, and objective reasoning, and trial and error. Wedges, points of view, opinion, infighting over ideological concepts, Hegelian dialectics, indoctrination, brain washing, propaganda, mind control, and sheer stoopidity, is an obstacle course we need to master. I have faith that we shall overcome by means of the truth.

The ontology of the epistemological paradigmatic apotheosis is a concept that baffles most minds and this is the card the demon worshiping illuminated ones play on their own minds, and the minds of we the people as well. It makes them very dangerous; they are nefarious, insidious, and ubiquitously ever present. Shrewd, cunning, and sociopathological, disgustingly evil, a most formidable enemy, coupled with the concepts of Strauss and likely Nietzsche, Machiavelli, and Dracon, they are the Darthest and dankest of the Darth Vaders, these barbarians are inside our gates.

TSUN TZU"S STRATEGY "know your enemy and know yourself" and "attack your enemy in force at his weakest". The people of the US don’t know their selves or their enemy, many don’t even know who their enemy is, let alone their weaknesses. Our battlefield is much more complex than anything Tsun Tzu ever encountered, because it is to a large degree a psychological battle. What else can be said? How can I impart wisdoms collected over a life time in a few hundred words, or even in a few thousand?

By the Power of Truth we shall wage Peace,
Alfons v911t

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