Wednesday, August 22, 2007

9/11 History Channel Item on Rense

This showed up on Rense. I can't tell if it's kosher (ho, ho), so am
just passing it on.


History Channel tries to pass off ytmnd joke site "Jews Did WTC" as
real 9/11 truth site!
Chris | InformationLiberation

If you watched the History Channel '9/11 Conspiracies' show last
night, you may have noticed how right off the bat they went for the
old guilt by association method of associating truthers with the
practically nonexistent "Jews did it" crowd. What you may have missed
is that in the end of the segment they do a slow zoom into a website
in an "evil type way", with the implication it was a truther website,
which says "JEWS DID WTC" and flashes Stars of David, the twin
towers, and other 9/11 related pictures. What they didn't mention was
that this site is a ytmnd parody site! You can see the site right
here: The history channel is so desperate
to slander 9/11 truth that they actually attempted to link the
movement to a ridiculous ytmnd parody site! Talk about desperation!

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