Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Ron Paul Champions Internet Freedom

Will no government regulation of the Internet be a good thing for the common man, for the 9/11 Truthers, or other dissenters? I think not.I think the telecom corps will determine who, and what ideas will get exposure on the internet, the big media will be easy to get to, and the alternative media will be much harder to find. Regulation can be good or bad depending on the effects of it. The net needs to be regulated to make access to the truth available.

The montra of the rightist has been deregulation. So the MSM was deregulated to allow consolidation, mergers, and less opposition, less diversity of ideas and opinion. Now no matter where you turn, new papers, radio, TV you get the same distorted spun ideas which are false. Do we want the same thing done to the Internet? I think not Dr. Ron Paul. The libertarian utopia is a fascist wet dream. Rolling black outs in California, the big 3, the dominance of the big pharma corps, and we the people have to pay more for the crumbs that tumble from the table.
Alfons v911t

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