Thursday, September 13, 2007

Building Six


The slanted yellow line represents the overhang of the roof, above the damage to the building. There appears to be at least 25 feet of overhang despite the floors below being completely gone. The roomf appears to be straight and undamaged in any way.

The vertical yellow line is the same length as the slanted one, indicating that the overhanging roof is well over two stories and extending out to nowhere, with no under support.

We are supposed to believe that a portion of one of the towers crashed onto building six and crushed it all the way down to ground level. If this story was true, the roof over the missing building would not sit there undamaged with damage underneath. A falling object from above must not leave a large, undamaged overhang and wreck everything below it. It is clear that nothing passed through the roof. Thus, the building must have been torn apart from below the roof, not above it.

Finally, the orange circle shows the approximately round shape of the damage, indicating a point in the center from which the force that destroyed the building came.

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