Saturday, September 29, 2007

new 911 video

Excellent Amatuer Video! I caught a few things!
1. When the 2nd plane hits, that sure doesnt sound like a plane
hiitng a building or does it? For as big a blast as was shown on TV,
you would think that would have been one hell of a bang!! It Wasnt!
2 The piece of airplane? in the street was interesting. Not sure
what that was either.
3. But most interesting are the orbs he caught after the 2nd hit!
Look at em!!! They dont move, They are ahead of the buildings because
the lines of the building are behind them. At one point I froze the
film and counted 5 all positioned around the hole and fire in the 2nd
Hey !!!! I didnt post this, I have never seen this film before, It
is just what I noticed. Please do not believe me! Just go look at the
film. The orbs are real prominent at the 11:43 area on the film.
Check it out and please post what you folks think! DFR

Daughters of Vietnam Veterans <elbo95@...> wrote:

Daughters of Vietnam Veterans

"When I post things on yahoo groups--they do not necessarily reflect
my opinions and do not reflect the opinions of Daughters of Vietnam
Veterans who are registered users".
Peace out.

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