Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fwd: Kent State Anti-War Event 11/14 & Powerful Audio-Poem

Many of you may recall an article I covered in June about a Gulf
War veteran, a victim of probable Uranium poisoning and PTSD, Tim
Coil, and his courageous wife, Yvette. I was moved and impressed
about their experience going up against military recruiters who were
recruiting inside their local library:

You can read more, in Yvette's own words, here:

Yvette has gone on since then to do important work as the Organizer
of Iraq Veterans Against the War - Cleveland Chapter 25. They are
holding an anti-war dramatic event at Kent State in Ohio on November
14. See link below for details!

In addition, there is a POWERFULLY MOVING, not-to-be missed audio
at this site, a moving reading of a poem about our injured and
disabled veterans of war. I can not recall ever hearing anything
that evoked quite that much emotion before...

If these bogus wars against innocents are ever going to end, we
need to get larger numbers of people to FEEL the pain of war and its
casualties - both domestic and international, both.

To hear this poem read to you, click on the words "Ask me about
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder" at: .

Please forward this on widely in order that many will attend the
Kent State anti-war event this week, and hear this hauntingly moving,
powerful poem.

Thank you!

Cathy Garger

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