Sunday, November 25, 2007

New JFK Videos

American Constitutional Militia Network is now Live! This will be a very effective tool for groups looking for new recruits! This is also a great way for you to promote your group and post your training videos, educational videos and other media that you feel will benefit the promotion of your group. There is also a live chat available on the same channel where you can chat with your friends and members from other groups.ACMN wants to help your group be the best it can be! Please help us, help you and take advantage of this free service provided for you. We would like to get a schedule up on the media channel by MONDAY, so please get what we need to us SOON! This is what we will need:I need logos of the Units that are looking to build retention. I also need people to hook us up with training videos, video blogs and what ever. By Monday morning I would like to have a viewing shedule of what's playing each day.Below is the link to our new media channel, stop by and check it out! Hope to see your group up there soon!

http://www.mogulus. com/acmn
Many Americans still believe in conspiracies — APFN, Sat Nov 24 19:36
Many Americans still believe in conspiracies national By KEVIN CROWE and GUIDO H. STEMPEL III Scripps Howard News Service Friday, November 23, 2007 Nearly two-thirds of Americans think it is possible that some federal officials had specific warnings of the Sept. 11, 2001,... more
Many Americans still believe in conspiracies;article=115556;title=APFN

JFK - Evidence of Revision (1 of 5) he Assassinations of Kennedy and Oswald

JFK - Evidence of Revision (2 of 5) The "Why" of it all

JFK - Evidence of Revision (3 of 5) Hoover and others.What so few know

JFK - Evidence of Revision (4 of 5) The RFK assassination

JFK - Evidence of Revision (5 of 5) RFK assassination, MK ULTRA + Jonestown

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