Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Fwd: Re: Ron Paul in Laura Ingraham Interview

I got respect for Paul from this interview, he walks the walks, and
talks the talk, rebuttal after astute rebuttal. His ideology stood up
under the scrutiny of Laura Ingraham. Better than a poke in the eye
with a sharp stick, still Paul's ideology is flawed, at least from the
point of view of the common man, like you and me. But still a far cry
from the fascist thugs in power now, but it was the constitution that
gave rise to their unchecked powers, face it, the constitution is not
the be all and end all of what is what, and who knows who, and the
power of the moneyed few.
Alfons v911t
PS: I just interviewed Shell Game author, Steve Allen

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