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Fwd: 9/11: Europarliament Hearing Feb 26, 2008

9/11 Europarliament Hearing Feb 26, 2008

On Tuesday 26th February, Europarlementarian Guilietto Chiesa invited
his colleagues and the press to attend the screening and debate of
the Italian-produced documentary named `ZERO, an investigation into
the events of 9/11'. Object of the screening was to create political
awareness of the faulty official investigation into the events by the
9/11 Commission.
Besides Mr Chiesa, the panel consisted of Japanese parlementarian
Fujita, Dr David Ray Griffin, film distributor Tim Sparke & the
director and producers of the film. After his opening statements, Mr
Chiesa welcomed his guest speakers, including the producers, director
and distributor of the documentary.

Question: `Mr Fujita, how did you become involved in 9/11?'

Fujita: `I work for several Japanese NGO's and one of those people
showed me some videos and books. At first I couldn't believe it. So I
saw Loose Change and read Dr Griffin's books. And last year a good
friend of mine who has a very high position at the German national
bank told me about the put options that were placed on American
Airlines and United Airlines. I believed him. And reading Dr
Griffin's book, looking at his reputation, I have every reason to
believe him. That's when I realised that every truth finding effort
has to be continued. So I gave a presentation in the Japanese
parliament (which is extensively covered on YouTube – ed. note). But
I feel the truthers find their information mostly by internet. The
truth should not only go by internet. It should now go political!
Networking is very important. We must all work together.

Japan questions 9/11
Jan, 2008

Yukihisa Fujita a member of the Japanese legislature. In mid-January
2008, Fujita made a 30 minute presentation before a session of the
Japanese Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee that was broadcast
live nationwide on Japanese NHK television.

The Japanese Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee was discussing
Japan's continued contribution to the US in Afghanistan. Fujita
questioned Japan's continuing support for the US 'war on terror' and
the US invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq because he
believes there are too many doubts about 9/11.

During Fujita's presentation, a staffer holds up several large photos
and diagrams including photos of the damaged Pentagon with a 757
airplane superimposed to illustrate conflicts with the official story.

Fujita also asks the Prime Minister, Finance Minister and Foreign
Minister about, and requests an investigation by Japanese authorities
into Japanese citizens killed in New York on September 11, 2001.

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