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Radioactive 9/11 WTC Area & All of US Impacted by "Terror" Bill

As I have covered before ( ) NYC officials do not want
New Yorkers to learn about the radioactive levels that exist at
Ground Zero - and in Staten Island where WTC debris was dumped.

There is a great news story and comments (below) that explain why
this NY bill must be defeated. We must also fight with all our might
upcoming variations of this bill that reportedly will be surfacing
all throughout the US.

Each and every American possesses the basic human right to health
and well-being. With this naturally follows the right to know whether
or not one is residing and/or working in a highly radioactive

Those who control our national radionuclide emissions sources do
not want us to know we are being radioactively poisoned in all of our
states. Please do not just take my word for this. You can examine
the partial listing of radioactive
locations in your area by going to:

Also, watch this short, animated graphic to learn where the
radioactive "hot" spots in your area exist: *

Then please think about what we can do to prevent this continually
ongoing man-made radiation contamination from further poisoning our
people and our natural environment. Granted, we can not un-do the
past. But we certainly can - and simply must - work to stop all
further Uranium contamination.

Step Number One: It is critical we retain the right to know where
the "hottest" spots in the nation exist. This can only be done by
the citizen's right to bear not arms - but rather, hand-held
radiation detectors.

Citizen radiation levels have been monitored in Hawaii recently and
radiation levels near a military live fire training area were
dangerously high! See comment by Uranium weapons expert, Bob Nichols,
below this article for more details, as well as article on Hawaiian
radioactive contamination at:

The reason this is critical is because radioactive materials in our
air, water, and soil (food) last for many, many years - sometimes up
to billions of years. As explained by the Nuclear Information and
Resource Service (NIRS) site:

Some radionuclides decay to a stable element in a single step.
For others, like uranium, the movement toward stability may be a
long, complex process. Uranium-238 has a half-life of 4.5 billion
years, about the age of the Earth. All told, it has 17 decay steps
before reaching a final, stable form of lead.

Half-lives can range from fractions of seconds (Polonium-
214, .00016 seconds), to days (Iodine-131, 8.04 days) to billions of
years (Uranium-238, above). A radionuclide may also decay to another
radioactive element that has a longer half-life and is more
biologically active than the original radionuclide. For instance,
xenon-135 (9-hour half-life) decays to cesium-135 with a half-life of
3 million years. Cesium mimics potassium and collects in muscle in
the body. Xenon-135 is released regularly by nuclear reactors.

For the sake of all kids throughout the nation and their
descendants for future generations forevermore, I urge you please to
forward this widely, then get involved in fighting both for each and
every citizen's right to carry radiation detectors - and for our
undeniable right to be further radiation-poisoned no longer.

Step Number Two: It is imperative that we stop further human
health and environment-destroying radioactive contamination in the US
in the forms of: nuclear power, nuclear bombs, open air
radioactive "tests," explosions, and burns, and so-
called "conventional" weapons manufacture and "testing" involving
Uranium munitions such as Depleted Uranium at our national nuclear
weapons laboratories and our US military bases and proving grounds.

We must also retain our legal right to own and operate radiation
detectors so we may know precisely where all these "hot" spots of
dangerous levels of radiation

Thank you for all you do - and for spreading the word. The
mainstream media has buried this news and therefore, we must all now
BE the media.

New Yorkers - and all Americans - have the absolute right to know
just how radioactively contaminated our communities are. Our bottom
line is simple. There is no more basic human right than being able to
live in a non-toxic, non-radioactively contaminated, healthy

* Note: Poison Fire USA animated graphic brought to us courtesy
Russell "Ace" Hoffman

Again, if all you can do is forward this along, you will
undoubtedly be able to reach someone with the ability to help make a
difference. And we need people working on this in every single
community throughout the nation.

The future of our nation's health truly is in our hands. And like
I keep telling my friends, we must continue doing these things not so
much for ourselves - but rather, for all future generations of
America's kids to come.

To learn more about radiation's effects on our health, visit:

Cathy Garger

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NYPD Shills Terror BillBy Jonathan Bennett
From the February 4, 2008 issue Posted in Local Email this
article By Jonathan Bennett

When air monitors have been outlawed, only outlaws will have air

The slogan, which has become the unofficial rallying cry of an ad
hoc coalition of labor unions, environmental groups, elected
officials and community activists, was environmental activist Bob
Gulack's reaction when he heard a report about the New York City
Police Department's plan to require a permit for any independent
environmental sampling used in the city.

A long list of organizations and individual activists all oppose the
proposed law, known as Intro 650, which was unveiled by NYPD brass at
the City Council's Public Safety Committee Jan. 8 meeting.
The proposed legislation would make it a misdemeanor for anyone in
New York City to own, or use, any device that measures chemical,
biological or radiological contamination. Banned devices could
include smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors, Geiger counters, and any
device that collects and analyzes air or water samples, for
contamination without first obtaining a permit from NYPD.

It was the independently collected air samples in Lower Manhattan
after 9/11 that debunked the claim by the U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency that the air was safe to breathe.
Among those opposed to Intro 650 is U.S. Rep. Jerrold Nadler, whose
congressional district includes the site of the World Trade Center.
Testifying to the City Council, Nadler called the bill "a great
potential to threaten the important contributions made by academic
research institutions, unions, and environmental and community-based
organizations that conduct independent chemical, biological and
radiological environmental sampling." Nadler is a leading proponent
of federal legislation to provide healthcare to people now sick due
to exposure of 9/11-related contamination.

The overriding question is why would NYPD want to control the use
of air monitors and other environmental sampling equipment?

"Our mutual goal is to prevent false alarms and unnecessary public
concern by making sure that we know where these detectors are located
and that they conform to standards of quality and reliability," said
Richard Falkenrath, NYPD Deputy Commissioner for Counter-Terrorism in
his testimony for the bill.

The bill's opponents call this justification for the bill a
smokescreen. Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer noted that he
had never heard of a false alarm caused by private environmental
monitoring. "This is a fake emergency that doesn't exist," he
said. "If it's not a problem, let's not try to create one."

"As introduced, Intro 650 has the potential to adversely impact,
delay or even prevent unions, environmental activists and others from
doing the kind of work that is now done under the protection of laws
such as the Occupational Safety and Health Act and the National Labor
Relations Act," said Dave Newman, an industrial hygienist with the
non-profit New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health.
Also according to the police department's testimony, the driving
force behind the bill is the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

The police testified that the federal government asked NYPD to
lobby for the bill, with the intention of using the proposed New York
City law as a model to be adopted by other cities and states. In
response to the strong opposition, the city prepared a revised
version of the bill, which was made public Jan. 25. The revised bill
exempts any detector that, "presents no significant possibility of
triggering an alert of a possible biological, chemical or
radiological weapons attack" from its requirements.

Despite the exemption for smoke detectors, opposition to the bill
remains solid because it would require permits for almost all
sampling equipment used by environmental and labor organizations to
test for environmental degradation or dangerous working environments.
The bill has no provision for an appeal if the NYPD refuses to
issue a permit, except to allow the applicant to submit an amended

Jonathan Bennett is a former Public Affairs Director with the New
York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health.

4 Responses to "NYPD Shills Terror Bill" Bob Nichols, Project
Censored Award Winner Says:
February 2nd, 2008 at 8:29 pm Mr Bennett,

You asked "The overriding question is why would NYPD want to
control the use of air monitors and other environmental sampling

I suggest the answer is five time zones away in the once tropical
paradise of Hawaii. There are now 161 military bases in Hawaii and
hundreds of abandoned and leaking military toxic waste sites. Hawaii
is actually a tiny state with a fragile ecosystem and a population of
about a million people in the middle of the Pacific.

Hawaii is dependent of the military and the seven million tourists
who visit the Island each year for a cash economy. In 2007, citizens
and native Hawaiian Islanders discovered alarming radiation spikes
blowing in the wind from the Pohakuloa Live Fire Range.

Citizens radiation monitor spikes were taken very seriously by the
Army and the Pentagon. They immediately denied that any uranium
weapons were ever used in Hawaii, despite the clear evidence in front
of their lying eyes. The Army Brass used the same bogus arguments the
NYPD did a few months later about this Bill before the City
government requested by Mayor Bloomberg and the so-called Homeland
Security bureaucracy.

Senior US Senator Daniel Inouye later confirmed the use of Uranium
weapons at Pohakuloa Live Fire Range. After the US Senator confirmed
it, the US Air Force started high altitude thermonuclear bombing runs
using uranium based bombs that they "promise" will not go off on
impact. The bombing range is located next to a Girl Scout Camp on the
space cramped, tiny Hawaiian Islands.
The Army freaked out, lied, embarrassed a US Senator in his home
state, then lied some more. So, Mr Bennett, look west to Hawaii for
the reason the Homeland Security Agency all of a sudden demands that
their client, the NYPD, push through a model US Detector law to
criminalize mere possession of a detector.

That is just wrong.

Tell them to put their proposed fascist law where the sun don't
shine New York City.

Go for it!

Bob Nichols
Project Censored Award Winner
Correspondent, San Francisco Bay View newspaper
Hawaiian Pacifists Demand An End to Island Bombings

stop depleted uranium Says:
February 3rd, 2008 at 3:26 am This proposed law doesn't quite
square with what the Feds say…
As reported in "The
Enemy Within" by Jay Gould.

" The Nevada down winders"
suits were unsuccessful.

Despite winning their case in
the lower courts, the Appellate
Court ruled in favor of The Atomic
Energy Commission
on the grounds that the
U.S. government could not be
held responsible.

At one point, one of the
lawyers for the plaintiffs sent
a series of interrogatories to
the AEC defense counsel with
the following simple question:

Who has the responsibility
for the safety and welfare of
persons and their property
near areas of possible fallout?

The AEC answered as follows:
"It is the responsibility of the
heads of families and owners
of property to protect their
families and their property
from possible radioactive

Hajja Romi Says:
February 3rd, 2008 at 3:33 am When you post an article like this,
please be sure to put a notice at the beginning that it can be
forwarded. Yahoo! is getting very sticky about this

Timbre' Wolf Says:
February 3rd, 2008 at 3:39 am Bob, you are an expert on this topic.
Sometimes experts forget to mention things, to the laity, because
they believe it is self evident.

The component of this issue, that needs mentioning here, is the
many sites here on the "mainland" that are "at risk" for radiation
exposure - your new hometown being one of them.

There is a small town in Nevada that swears their cancer rates are
up because of military "testing." Of course the feds deny it.

It's getting easier and easier for me to believe that our "leaders"
really are radioactive resistant cockroaches from outer space
inhabiting human bodies. For one thing they look much better in suits
than we do.

Help the US become Radiation Free by 2033!

Cathy Garger

Never miss a thing. Make Yahoo your homepage.

--- End forwarded message ---

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