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Fwd: Success extends screenings of 9/11 Truth Documentaries in Philly

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Whitehouse Truth Warning:

Americans are waking up to realize "9/11 was an Inside Job"

March 29, 2008 at 20:36:40
9/11 Truth Tuesdays Is Being Extended Through April!

by Jon Gold Page 1 of 1 page(s)

Since January 1st of this year, Betsy Metz and I have been showing
movies at the Anthony Wayne Movie Theater having to do with 9/11
Truth every Tuesday at 5pm and 7pm. The original plan was to only
show these movies in the months of January and February, but because
of the success of the showings, we've already extended them through
March, and are now extending them through April as well.

We hope that everyone in the Philadelphia area takes advantage of
what Betsy and I are doing. This is a perfect opportunity to show
your friends, and your family the "discrepancies", and unanswered
questions concerning the 9/11 attacks.

To try and save on costs, we are limiting April's shows to every
Tuesday at 7pm. We figured this was a better time slot anyway. It
should give people enough time to gather up their friends and family,
and may give us the opportunity to extend the showings into May and

Please join us in April as we continue 9/11 Truth Tuesdays.

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