Monday, April 14, 2008

The mission to crack the 911 case gains traction

The mission to crack the 911 case gains traction
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Submitted by mikezimmer on Mon, 04/14/2008 - 12:25am.
911 case gains traction Michael McCoy
April 13, 2008 at 20:30:03

The mission to crack the 911 case gains traction

by Michael McCoy Page 1 of 3 page(s)

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After shouting from the rooftops for months, regularly aggrevating
friends and acquaintences and pestering outright strangers standing
in line at the grocery store about the travesty of the 911 attacks, I
am relieved to see that the movement to get to the truth is gaining
legitimate traction. A sober examination of the events of 911 by a
growing number of once-duped Americans is well under way, bolstered
by an impressive collection of professionals in a wide variety of
fields. For good reason, the taboo once attached to questioning your
government is fading, and the deliberate, insidious lies and
procedures that cloaked the facts about the horrible attacks - and
later lured the American public and Congress to support the Iraq
catastrophe - shows the practical results of what persons of highest
power - engaged in the worst kind of group-think - with previously
unimaginable motives and without conscience are capable of.

Even as skillfull and determined as the detractors have been, with
the presumed legitimacy of a federal government as their chief
sponsor, the collective lightbulb is beginning to glow brightly about
the official obfuscation of the truth, the motives behind - and the
actual results of the 911 attacks. Any five significant elements of
the largest crime and mass murder in US history simply doesn't pass
the smell test of the average eigth grader. And taken in tandem, the
excuses/apologies leading to the massive failures in predicting and
preventing the attacks - along with the 'offical story' quickly
presented to the public in the aftermath - would cause a second-rate,
drunken defense attorney in an actual trial to laugh hysterically at
the presiding judge. Not one shred of the 911 Commission's final
report was subjected to the most basic of evidentiary scrutiny or
verification. And each and every fact from an immense collection of
contradictory evidence had to be carefully and deliberately ignored
in order to prop up the official version. The report is, in it's very
essense, a carefully woven fairy tale created while navigating a
minefield of political agendas. None of them, as is now obvious, were



Take action -- click here to contact your local newspaper or congress
Commission a genuine 911 investigation free of political influence
and with no pre-conceived conclusion

Click here to see the most recent messages sent to congressional reps
and local newspapers

Michael McCoy is a free, (well, for now), American, Vietnam era vet
and has ensured that he can stand an IRS audit and any sudden,
unannounced seach of his home and documents, in his absence or
otherwise. He obssesses about nothing but abcsesses over the theft of
his country by anyone assuming that they have more rights to it. He
has a passion to see the real mass murderers of 911 exposed with all
due shame and each conspirator that sought the invasion of Iraq and
subsequent institutionalized murder punished - and apologizes for any
redunancies herein.

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