Saturday, June 14, 2008

GOOD VIBES: Positive Feedback on VFP RESOLUTION for 9/11 Investigation.

RE: VETERANS FOR PEACE member submits a Resolution to Demand a 9/11
Criminal Investigation

Below is but one positive response my VFP Resolution to Demand a 9/11
Criminal Investigation:

Carol's experience says some VFP chapters are already taking on the
9/11 issue.
She actually joined the VFP because of their help on 9/11 in SF.

Could the 9/11 issue be a plus for the VFP membership drive?

(Note: The resolution was submitted by Harold Saive as a VFP "member
at large" and
does not necessarily represent the position of the Gainesville, Fl.

Thank you Veteran's for Peace!!!! Thank-you Harold!!!!!

My first real contact with VFP was when I organized a rally, march,
meeting with Feinstein and Boxer's staff in SF for a Congressional
Investigation of 9/11. VFP came and participated and were part of
that delegation, and became my best allies over the years, especially
Chapter 69 and Post 315 in San Francisco. They were major co-sponsors
and supporters of many of our 9/11 Truth events- including the
benefit- Behind Every Terrorist There is a Bush, and the San
Francisco International Inquiry into 9/11. I am now a member of
Veterans for Peace, and love them dearly. It's great to see this
resolution and I hope that there will be a 9/11 Truth speaker at the
annual conference in August!!!! I'll pass this on to my local VFP
friends and I hope they will support the resolution!

Carol Brouillet

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