Thursday, November 13, 2008

Comments on Our Own Private Bin Laden

To sum up my thoughts in a few words; We have a complicated clusterfuck of interest conflicted foreign policy, primarily perverted bygreed, lack of moral fortitude and wisdom, with an abundance ofsubterfuge, corruption, and outright evil, and now chickens arecoming home to roost. The power brokers of the USA must step asideand allow wisdom to prevail, although there is a fat chance of that,and the commoners of the USA can not do anything about it, or evenget on the same page as far as what to do about it, due primarily tothe ball of confusion created by master propagandist of the statusquo/MSM. Much of what the American people believe is essentiallyfalse and it renders them helpless in participating in the rightingof the ship, and that is the way it is designed to be. Then we seethe rise of Obama and along with him come the same old bunch ofpolicy wonks, spies, and deviants, of the same ilk who got the US andthe world into this situation. Change? Not even close. I just don'tknow what the hell to say.

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