Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Operation Tiger: for Truth and Justice.

Operation Tiger: for Truth and Justice.

Looks like 9/11 Truth and The Peace Movement now have a window of opportunity. The people have spoken, loud and clear in the 2006 Midterms, this time the mandate is “shut up, and get out, you neocons.” Weather you call it “cut and run” or just get the hell out of there, the end result will be welcomed by yours truly, not to mention the poor soldiers that are weary of the stop loss syndrome.

The Council for Foreign Relations, and the PNAC et al has once again slammed dunked the USA into yet another useless quagmire of blood n’ guts, and bad foreign relations And let’s not forget the raid on the US Treasury and the debt that will likely linger for generations to come. The “Shadow Government” has pulled some shady deals over on the American People, they have to go too.

We need to press the democrats to use the power they now have to get rid of the shadows of this unwanted, un-elected government that make many a decision that enriches them at the expense of us. I will be going to DC come 2007, to lobby Congress for the opening of an independent investigation into 9/11. If the funds come through, I will be prowling the halls of Congress like a relentless Tiger for Truth. I think I will call it, Operation Tiger: for Truth and Justice.

Eliot Spitzer took the gubernatorial race in New York State. He could be a good man to pursue about an investigation into 9/11 as well. There has been a real shift in the political paradigm. Ohio is now like night and day with the slate wiped clean of the dirt of those who helped steal the 2004 elections, and stole most anything they could get their grubby hands on.

This is no time to rest on laurels, it is time to shift into high gear, redouble efforts and run the table. Operation Tiger: for Truth and Justice, has a ring to it, let’s roll!
Alfons v911t

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