Friday, December 08, 2006

The 9/11 Conspiracy Theories (We Must Have A New And Completely Independent Investigation Into The Events Of 9/11)

The Myth:19 hijackers of Middle Eastern descent and radical Islamic persuasion, commandeer 4 airliners and expertly pilot 3 of the 4 airliners into targets, those being, the World Trade Center Towers and the Pentagon. The towers collapse due to jet fuel fires. Confusion on the part of NORAD and the FAA allows the planes to reach their targets, while one plane, Flight 93, is brought down by passenger revolt and crashes into a field in Pennsylvania. Pre-warnings of the attack are bungled by the intelligence agencies' lack of communication and cooperation.
Show me proof, so that I may believe. -- 9/11 truth activistProve It:Show us the passenger lists with the 19 alleged hijackers names.Show us the remains of the 4 airliners.Show us the autopsies of the 19 alleged hijackers and the passengers of the planes.Show us a peer reviewed study that corroborates the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) report explaining the WTC collapses.Show us samples of the steel from the towers.Show us the confiscated surveillance videos that captured the alleged 757 hitting the Pentagon.Show us the personnel that were punished, reprimanded, demoted or fired as a result of the massive incompetence that allowed the attack to succeed.Show us the case against Bin Laden. The FBI does not list him as being wanted for the 9/11 attack, because 'there is no hard evidence'.Show us proof as to how WTC Building 7 fell at close to free fall speed into its own footprint, even though, it was not hit by a plane.Show us the backgrounds of the alleged hijackers and their alleged Islamic extremism.Now that Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton, the lead authors of the 9/11 Commission Report, have written that NORAD lied to them; why should we accept, at face value, any of the government's assertions?This was a brutal, criminal attack on America. Why did it take 14 months to start a commission to do an investigation into the details? After all, if one person is found murdered, an investigation starts immediately, does it not?
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