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9/11 was an inside job says Shayler Jan 22 2007

9/11 was an inside job says Shayler*

Jan 22 2007
Paddy Shennan, Liverpool Echo
EX-MI5 officer David Shayler, who will be in Liverpool to launch the
Movement, tells Paddy Shennan what he thinks about the New York terror

FORMER spy David Shayler doesn't have a story to tell. He has a
million. And
a lot of them might even be true.

Talking to him was incredibly interesting – and not just because he
he could be bumped off by dark forces at any time, thereby becoming
the UK's
own Alexander Litvinenko.

We spoke on the 'phone because, well, you can't be too careful. I
wouldn't fancy getting in a car with him – he says he has suffered
suspicious, potentially-fatal road accidents, in 1997 (driver fell
2002 (rear tyre exploded) and 2005 (dodgy brakes).

Call the writer and activist whatever you want, but don't call him
Because you'd be as wrong as wrong can be.

This is a man who worked for MI5 for five years, sold a story to a
newspaper, fled abroad and, eventually, after being called a traitor
to his
country, jailed.

And now . . . he claims 9/11 was an inside job.

He has even been quoted (out of context, he protests) in a magazine
"Yes, I believe no planes were involved in 9/11 . . . The only
is that they were missiles surrounded by holograms made to look like
. . . Watch the footage frame by frame and you will see a cigar-shaped
missile hitting the World Trade Centre."

However, he tells the ECHO: "I was misquoted. This was a clear and
deliberate attempt to send someone in and stitch us up. They used the
out of context.

"What I am still saying is go onto the internet and look at the
footage . .
. people have had a go at me saying there were no planes but there is
evidence to show that jets went into the buildings. I'm entitled to
say they
didn't and something else did . . . You can make some accurate
from Newton's laws of motion."

This is where he's got me. I saw planes going into the World Trade
but Newton's laws of motion are a mystery to me. As is quantum
which David also mentions during another part of our conversation.

Now a member of the 9/11 Truth Movement – formed after the
publication, in
July 2004, of the official 9/11 Commission Report – Shayler and his
and fellow former MI5 officer Annie Machon will be in Liverpool later
week, as support for the "inside job" theory gathers momentum.

The newly-formed Merseyside Truth Movement is hosting "An Evening
With Real
Spies Unravelling The Lies" event (free admission) from 7.30pm on
at The Casa in Hope Street.

Gary Fletcher, 45, from Wavertree, a rescue boat driver in the North
Sea, is
one of 14 members of the local group. He says: "I saw the second
plane hit
the World Trade Centre on TV and my initial reaction was that it was a
terrorist attack. But when I saw shots from the Pentagon I
thought 'There's
something funny going on here' – especially with four planes being
able to
spend that much time in the air without being shot down."

Short Changed, a documentary about 9/11 made by a group of Americans,
be shown at the Casa and then followed by talks by Shayler and Machon
state terrorism and the aims of the 9/11 Truth Movement.

Shayler, who worked in MI5's political and counter-terrorism
departments in
the early 1990s, says: "I'm not trying to blow my own trumpet but the
credibility I add to the movement is enormous" (I can hear a

He adds: "Liverpool is one of our target cities, as it has a
reputation for
radicalism and questioning the powers-that-be. We are calling for the
inquiry to be re-opened."

There are, according to the non-believers, many more questions than
– not least concerning the collapse of the twin towers: "All the
points to controlled demolition," claims Shayler.

The Pentagon? "We can say, hand on heart, there is evidence of missile

Many will agree – many do agree, just look on the internet – but what
the danger of mass ridicule, in a David ("I'm the Son of God") Icke
kind of

"You must have the courage to tell the truth," says Shayler.

David Shayler is 41. But will he reach 42? He says: "I believe in a
power. I have no fear of death" – which may be just as well, as he
"There have been three attempts on my life in car crashes – two when
I was
an atheist" (he now practices Kabbalah, described as the world's
oldest body
of spiritual wisdom).

Regarding the future, he says: "This is the defining issue of
humanity. We
have never lived with such control ."

George Bush, though? Some might say he couldn't even control his own
movements. But, says Shayler, it goes much deeper than Bush and Tony

"Bush and Blair are puppets . . . Blair may be more intelligent than
but they are both clearly patsies."

But I can still hear people shouting: "This is madness!" How would you

"I would say that in 20 years time their kids may be asking them 'Why
is it
we used to live in a democracy and don't any more?'"

Told you – he's not boring, is he?
Movie oss docs
tons of docs inside

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