Thursday, March 22, 2007

DU Dust Clouds Climate Crisis: Global Action Day of Another Sort

DU dust clouds climate crisis:
Global Action Day of Another Sort

Cathy Garger

22 March 2007

Frankly, we should not hold our breath waiting for any such
revelation of inconvenient truth. Or, as the saying goes? They'll
admit the truth about manmade Uranium oxides suspended in the
atmosphere when hell freezes over. Or, in this case, more to the
point? They'll wait to 'fess up to the aerosol poisoning of the
planet the day the Arctic finally melts.

Let's not kid ourselves. No matter how political strategists may try
to frame corporate and military agenda, expecting clean, non-
radioactive air for our kids to breathe is *not* a "liberal" value.
And with so-called "progressive" politicians doing the job for
Empire - like those who appeared on stage today, a day that was
supposed to be about fighting environmental atmospheric
contamination? Sadly, it was apparent to myself and not too many
others that the performance up on stage was not really all about the
environment at all.

Actions speak louder than words, dear members of Congress.... ..

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Help the US become Radiation Free by 2033!

Cathy Garger

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