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Fwd: Interviews at 9/11 Accountability Conference and more . .

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Hello all, just wanted to let you know that you can still view video/audio of the 9/11 Accountability Conference at: www.citizensadvocate.net

I have also posted interviews of Carol Brouillet, Sander Hicks, and Eric D. Williams on YouTube.com. You can view them at: www.youtube.com/morerockin

I'd also like to state that the quality of some of the videos could be MUCH better, but for the most part, myself, Leticia, and Samuel did a good job at getting the material up onto the web as soon as possible. We had lots of material on the web live before we left Phoenix Sunday evening.

Please let us know of the next event and we will be glad to come and film and put on the web ASAP! Hopefully by then we will have a couple more dedicated people and better equipment!

But thanks again to Carol, Sander, and Eric.

Matt in Myrtle Beach



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