Monday, March 12, 2007

Fwd: My husband was arrested today at the public library.

Tim was arrested today (at 2:30 pm) for disturbing the peace at the
local library. We were "counter recruiting" kind of. Well, this is
what happened.
I had note cards cuz I was doing my homework. And then 2 recruiters
came in with a civilian. The three of them went into a room with
windows. I was right next to the room, so I started putting up note
cards that said "Don't fall for it! Military recruiters lie." "It's
NOT HONORABLE to fight for a lying President."
One of the recruiters came out and he said "who put this up?"
refering to the cards. I said I did. He asked me my name and I told
him I didn't have to give it to him. Then Tim said "Are you saying
we can't use our freedom of speech?" The soldier didn't answer. Tim
said it again "are you saying we can't use our freedom of speech?"
The soldier said "stop doing this." We said "stop lying and
recruiting people to die." Then he took those two cards to the
director, whose name is Doug Daughterich (Stow Monroe-Falls
Library). Mr. Daughterich took our cards and told us we couldn't put
them on there. Tim said this is a public place I can express my
speech freely anywhere. Then Mr. Daughterich said no we couldn't.
He said we weren't allowed to do that in the library and we wouldn't
be allowed to do it in a store. Tim said stores are privately owned,
public libraries are for the public. Mr. Daughterich said that
whatever he decides is what the rules are for his library. By then
we had a few more cards up, which read:
"Don't do it." "My husband is a gulf war veteran. He can tell you the
TRUTH. " "Recruiters: You're fighting for my freedom of speech
too!" "To the military you are cannon fodder."
Mr. Daughterich took those down too. Tim said he wanted his cards
back that they were his property and Mr. Daughterich reluctantly gave
them back to Tim. Then he said if we put up one more card he is
going to ask us to leave. And he walked away. We knew then that he
was going to call the police. So we knocked on the window and told
the civilian "Don't do it." Then Tim said Do you know what the
Ferris Docterine is? He said if you join the military you are
allowing them to use you for their own medical purposes and you have
no say. Did they tell you that in there? The guy said he was a
veteran and was re-recruiting. Tim said if he were a veteran he
would know to go to the recruiting station, not a library to re-
recruit, and that he wouldn't have to sign tons of forms.
Then the police showed up. As if this isn't long enough.
They asked us not to put anymore cards up there. I said we weren't.
The other officer said he wanted our names so he can file his report.
I asked him if we were being arrested. They said no. So I said I
will not give you my ID. And Tim said he wouldn't either. Then they
said that we had to show them ID. I said where does the law state,
if I'm not being arrested that I have to show you my ID? He said if
you don't give me your ID I will arrest you for disturbing the
public. Then we both said, when you do we will give you our ID's
until then, we won't. And then Tim gave his veterans card. The guy
said what is your address and Tim said I'm not giving it to you. The
officer said I need it to file my report. Then Tim said, call the VA
and you can get it from them. They said I need your SSN and Tim said
no you don't. I don't have to provide you with that. Then the
officer said "would you please leave the building." We
said "gladly." As we were walking out, Tim was very upset and he
told the director "you're a dick." Then the officer said one more
word from you and I'll arrest you. Then Tim yelled out loud "Don't
let the military recruit people in the library."
And the officers came after us. They told Tim that they wanted to
put cuffs on him and if he didn't let him they'd taze him. I took
Tim's wallet and the car keys. The officer told me I wasn't allowed
back in. I said I didn't want to come to a place that didn't honor
freedom of speech. I said they should be more concerned with people
who are real criminals, not with people who use their freedoms of
speech. The officer goes "yeah, yeah, just leave."
So I did and he took my plate number down.
Then he told me that Tim would be in the Stow/Monroe Falls Police
station and if I didn't give them his ID then he'd go to summit
county jail. I said I will not give them his ID and I told Tim I
love him and I walked away.
I went home to get the kids and then called the station. They are
releasing him on a signature bond. The officer then says if you
would have just given us the information we needed, none of this
would have happened. I said "I don't mean to be rude but why is my
name so important? I just don't understand." He said we need it for
our report. I said that didn't make sense. Then I asked him when I
could get Tim and he said at 4:15. So I'll be on my way to get him.
Please say prayers we are all pretty upset.

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