Thursday, March 15, 2007

Fwd: Re: Who killed Daniel Pearl? MI6 or Al Qaeda?

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I am so upset about this.
I remember when this guy was arrested. They came into his house in
the middle of the night im Iraq and woke him up, hence the picture
that makes him look like a nut. We've never seen another picture.
They arrested him for the ship terrorism when the man in the
wheelchair was killed. This guy was connected to the Palestinians,
and he was hiding in iraq. I have wondered where he is because I
never saw where he got a trial for that event which is what he was
arrested for.

They used it to prove that saddam was "harboring terrorists." He was
not arrested for "doing 911." Now he is a mastermind!! What
terrible things have they done to break him.

He was hiding in Iraq. He was found and it was a big celebration for
the zionists because he was connected to the Palestinians, not bin
forgotten. I am so upset that they are getting away with changing
history. This guy was on the lam, I doubt that he was crossing
borders. His issue was Palestine. It is well known that saddam
sympathized with the Palestinians and not bin forgotten. He and bin
forgotten were enemies. He did hide this guy in his country.

They can't get away with rewriting history and breaking people. They
just can't get away with it. I remember.


Peace Needs Truth

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