Tuesday, March 13, 2007

[Fwd: Mindwalk 59: Bush Sponsors Terrorism]

Hi Folks,

I apologize it's been a whole month. Got bogged down
big time, but still kicking. Here's the show...

Mindwalk 59: Bush Sponsors Terrorism

Iran Contra all over again! Bush covertly using
non-congressional funds to support and finance
fanatical Sunni radicals, essentially the same folks
who did 9/11! Seymore Hersh spells it out in his New
Yorker magazine article "Redirection". Our edit has
a Fat Boy Slim remix with media bytes from CNN and
HBO's Realtime mixed in with sounds of the WTC
collapse. Next, Roger Waters is Leaving Beirut,
followed by David Bowie "Afraid of Americans" with a
freaky gun salesman commercial and the BBC Top Gear
crew avoiding getting lynched in Alabama. Finally a
mashup of ACDC v.s. Metallica.

This just in... "Tale of a Practical Woman". A short
film produced by the folks down under at NimFM. Next
week we'll have the red carpet runway report directly
from the Nimmy Awards! Here's the film:

Cheers all!


Mindwalk 59: Bush Sponsors Terrorism

Mindwalk may or may-not contain EXPLICIT LANGUAGE.
Licensed broadcasters should air during SAFE HARBOR.

Mirror broadcast quality mp3 downloads or find rss
feed here:


TRT 29:30 Stereo 128/44 27meg mp3

Credits: Pierre Henry, 9/11 witnesses, Seymore Hersh,
Wolf Blitzer CNN, Bill Maher HBO, Bob, Roger Waters,
David Bowie, Don's Guns, BBC Top Gear, Henry Mancini,
ACDC, Metallica


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