Tuesday, March 27, 2007

U.S. Navy Launches Show of Force Off Coast of Iran

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27 March 2007
U.S. Navy Launches Show of Force Off Coast of Iran 27 Mar 2007 The U.S. Navy on Tuesday began its largest demonstration of force in the Persian Gulf since the 2003 invasion of Iraq, led by a pair of aircraft carriers and backed by warplanes flying simulated attack maneuvers off the coast of Iran. The maneuvers bring together two strike groups of U.S. warships and more than 100 U.S. warplanes to conduct simulated air warfare in the crowded Gulf shipping lanes.

Blair Warns of 'Different Phase' Over Britons in Iran 27 Mar 2007 U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair said that efforts to release 15 British sailors and Marines seized by Iran will enter a "different phase" if negotiations fail.

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