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[v911t] Former FBI Director Calls For New OKC Bombing Investigation!

[v911t] Former FBI Director Calls For New OKC Bombing Investigation!

How many years does it take to get a little justice???

Former FBI Director Calls For New OKC Bombing Investigation
Coulson names Strassmeir as "agent" in upcoming documentary

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones
Prison Planet
Friday, March 2, 2007

Former FBI Terrorist Task Force director Danny Coulson has called for
a new grand jury investigation into the Oklahoma City bombing and for
the first time names Andreas Strassmeir as an "agent," in a
documentary set to air Sunday, according to lawyer Jesse Trentadue.

Trentadue, attorney for bombing conspirator Terry Nichols, last week
obtained an astounding declaration from Nichols in which he fingered
FBI agent Larry Potts as having directed McVeigh in carrying out the

In addition, Nichols' description of the bomb he helped McVeigh build
does not match with official accounts of the device used in the
attack, lending further credence to evidence that strongly suggests
only bombs planted within the Alfred P. Murrah building, which were
initially reported by TV news stations, could have caused the damage

Trentadue was interviewed for a BBC documentary on the Oklahoma City
bombing which will air this Sunday in the UK. The program has a
different producer to the 9/11 hit piece show which was part of the
same series and is expected to present hard hitting evidence of a

After the Alex Jones Show broke the story yesterday, the BBC itself
released a detailed article on their website focusing on Coulson's

The FBI man in charge of collecting evidence from the government
building destroyed by the Oklahoma bomb has called for the case to be
Former deputy assistant director Danny Coulson has told the BBC
programme The Conspiracy Files that he questions whether everyone
involved was caught.

Mr Coulson said a federal grand jury is now needed to find out what
really happened: "We have victims here and we have victims' families
and we don't even know the answers. And the answer is frankly for a
federal grand jury."

He argues this is the only way to prove whether other people were
involved in the bombing in a wider conspiracy beyond Timothy McVeigh
and Terry Nichols, who was also convicted of manslaughter and
conspiracy and sentenced to life in jail.
Talking to the Alex Jones Show, Jesse Trentadue stated that Coulson,
then-director of the FBI's Terrorist Task Force and founding
commander of the bureau's Hostage Rescue Team, "Spoke candidly and at
length about the Oklahoma City bombing and the investigation."

Coulson (pictured above) has a very interesting connection to the
bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah building himself, leading many to
allege that he was part of the conspiracy.

According to reports, Coulson checked into an Oklahoma City hotel the
night before the April 19 1995 bombing, despite claims at the time
that he was in Texas on the morning of the attack.

Receipts from the Embassy Suites Hotel show Coulson checked in nine
hours before the bombing.

"Evidence of Coulson's clandestine trip fits squarely with a
substantial body of details found in hundreds of pages of other
official documents obtained [via Freedom of Information Act requests]
revealing weeks of planning by an elite corps of drug and
counterterrorism experts who were closely monitoring members of
various far-right groups they considered religious extremists and
threats to the safety and security of the nation," reported the
McCurtain Daily Gazette.

Despite these suspicions, according to Trentadue, Coulson goes on
record this weekend to testify that McVeigh had high-level help from
as yet unpunished individuals.

"He was ordered out of the Justice Department not to pursue the
Elohim City involvement in the's my understanding that
he says its his belief that Strassmeir was an agent working for a
foreign government," said the Attorney.

Andreas Strassmeir, a former German military intelligence officer,
was a ringleader at the Elohim City white supremacist compound where
he trained willing recruits in guerilla warfare and terrorism. He is
accused by many of being one of the several government provocateurs
that were steering McVeigh and helping him obtain the materials and
skills to carry out the bombing.

"I was told Mr .Coulson goes on camera and said he believes that a
grand jury should be reconvened to investigate the Elohim City
connection to the Oklahoma City bombing," said Trentadue.

Asked what the impact would be if a new investigation was allowed to
go forward Trentadue responded, "It would destroy Hillary Clinton's
campaign, it would result in the loss of careers of some high level
people within various law enforcement agencies and the federal
government, and it would probably result in a good number of them
being prosecuted and sent to jail."

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