Thursday, March 01, 2007

Fwd: Media Blacklists BBC Fiasco; Google, Digg Censor 9/11 Truth

Media Blacklists BBC Fiasco; Google, Digg Censor 9/11 Truth
News 24 'timestamp' video disappears from Google Video, despite the
fact it's under 30 seconds in length and clearly constitutes fair
use, Digg lets small minority of morons decide its content

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Thursday, March 1, 2007

The crowned kings of censorship Google have "pulled" the News
24 "timestamp" video that shows the BBC reporting the collapse of
Building 7 26 minutes before it happened. Meanwhile, the
establishment media continues to ignore the WTC 7 farce as a whole,
including the inconceivable notion that BBC World have mysteriously
lost all their 9/11 footage.

Despite the fact that the clip is under 30 seconds in length and
clearly constitutes fair use, Google yanked the video last night
after it was prominently featured in our article yesterday. We have
replaced the video with a You Tube composite of both the "Jane
Standley" footage and the News 24 clip, but for how long this stays
active remains to be seen.

Google and the BBC have a cozy relationship and are currently at an
advanced stage of talks to content share on Google Video. This could
explain why the original "Standley" footage was yanked by Google
within hours of it becoming popular on the Internet on Monday

It seems that the BBC are extremely incompetent when it comes to
looking after their own archived tapes, but remarkably proficient
about getting any embarrassing material scrubbed off the Internet,
with the eager aid of "don't be evil" Google, they compose a
formidable tag team of censorship.

Recall that Google bizarrely wiped a leading mainstream news website
from their search engine altogether last year simply because Space
War carried articles mildly critical of Google's beloved Communist
Chinese paymasters, for whom Yahoo have also shopped numerous
dissidents who have ended up in China's re-education labor camps.

It was also Google Video that were caught on numerous occasions re-
setting viewing figures for Alex Jones' Terror Storm and other 9/11
truth films, to prevent them entering the higher echelons of the
charts and going viral.

Should all this really surprise us when it was CIA seed money that
got Google off the ground in the first place? Just how many calls did
Google's CIA liaison Dr. Rick Steinheiser make from his Office of
Research and Development this week?

Meanwhile, a programmer claims to have hacked Digg and found evidence
of a deliberate campaign to censor controversial news stories and
those relating to 9/11 truth.

The Information Liberation website concludes that there are "Tons of
obvious shills burying our recent explosive WTC 7 articles as well as
many other articles of extreme significance. It's shocking to read
the list and see how much significant, documented, and extremely
popular content is being buried for obvious ideological reasons. This
is completely undemocratic abuse of the Digg system and is proof
positive the Bury feature is being abused to suppress content by
vindictive Anti-Diggers."

The buried list contains the original Building 7 story that was
posted at Prison on Monday afternoon. It's reason for
burial is given as "inaccurate," despite the fact that we have proven
its factual basis in triplicate and the BBC has also tacitly admitted
their "error."

Digg's Bury feature is supposed to be used to bury "stories with bad
links, off-topic content, or duplicate entries" in order to
remove "spam out of the system." Unfortunately, as many have
experienced, the Bury feature is frequently used to suppress content
based off ideology. Please encourage Digg to either fix it (perhaps
make it similar to Reddit's down voting) or remove it all together.
Email Digg here and request they please fix the Bury feature.
Whether you choose to believe that it's solely the work of moronic
debunkers or a deliberate Digg policy to censor 9/11 truth, the fact
remains that their supposed "democratic" system is nothing of the
sort. Even if an article gets 2000 diggs, just a fraction of that
number in burials relegates it to the memory hole. Digg should be
more honest about the fact that the content of their website is
determined at the behest of a small minority of semi-retarded
Playstation addicted teenagers rather than the popular interest of
the online community as a whole.

We have uncovered further evidence of Digg censorship and it will
feature on the website later tonight.

48 hours after the BBC issued its pathetic rebuttal to startling
footage that shows their correspondent Jane Standley live on 9/11
reporting the collapse of Building 7 as it mockingly stands behind
her, and the inconceivable excuse that the BBC has lost its 9/11
tapes, no establishment media has picked up on the story, not even to
dismiss it as a "conspiracy theory."

This represents both the stubborn refusal of the dinosaur press to
accept the increasing trend that the Internet sets the news agenda,
and also an appalling media culture that highlights the most
inconsequential claptrap and gives it undeserved prominence.

Kudos goes to Wonkette for covering the Building 7 story, but almost
every other so-called "progressive" website has been mute. Crooks and
Liars, one of the biggest liberal blogs on the web, today spotlights
a story about lesbian koala bears. On Tuesday night they led with a
gossip puff piece about Mitt Romney's hair. How can these gatekeepers
claim to represent "alternative media" when they stuff this kind of
crap down our throats on a daily basis, while ignoring massive
stories like the WTC 7 fiasco?

We invited BBC World head of news Richard Porter to appear on The
Alex Jones Show and clarify for us exactly how the BBC managed to
lose its footage, which by the BBC's own regulations has to be
archived three times over, from the single most important event in
history since World War 2.

Porter refused to do the interview.

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