Wednesday, April 11, 2007

April 11, 2007 The Veterans for 9/11 Truth One Year Anniversary.

April 11, 2007 The Veterans for 9/11 Truth One Year Anniversary.

Much has happened over the past year and The Truth Movement is alive and well,
and growing stronger. Much has not happened over the past year
as well, the criminals are still on the loose, and they are
still a grave danger to life, liberty, and happiness for the
people of the USA, as well as people all over the world. So
though we have done well, we still have a lot to do.

911 TRUTH STORY: How we came to be, and what we are for.


The Veterans for 9/11 Truth were busy over this past year, some of us ran for
Congress, some organized events, some promoted this group, others
wrote letters to Congress, and promoted 9/11 Truth. We attended
many 9/11 Truth events and helped in getting Veterans involved
in the Truth Movement. The v911t group has grown to nearly 450
members, with lots of discussion of pertinent contemporary political
issues on the group forum, an average of about 400 messages
per week.

Below are links to commemorate some of the events that the v911t
participated in over the past year:

v911t at the Chicago International 911 Truth Conference Illinois June 2-4, 2006:

NYC September 8-11,

Washington DC September
11-13, 2006

Milwaukee 911 Boston
Tea Party, Dec 16, 2006 we honor the 1773 event by burning the
9-11 Commission Report:

9/11 Accountability:
Strategies and Solutions Conference
Crown Plaza San Marcos Chandler, Arizona - February 23-25, 2007

We the People a Moral Response to 9/11 Truth: April 11, 2007Milwaukee,

We have a Great Country, and We want to keep it that way, and hey, the truth be known,
We want to make it even greater. The Truth is Our Mission, and
we will be Vigilant in that Mission. We have an opportunity
to lead, to lead the world with our mission of equal opportunity,
and equal justice under the law. How could anyone disagree with
these basic and fair principles? These ideals are set down in
Our bedrock documents, like the Declaration of Independence,
and Our Constitution, and Our Bill of Rights. It is these high
ideals that we sought to preserve, protect and defend, when
We began the Veterans for 9/11 Truth. There could be no higher
goal, higher calling, or better destination. Our mission of
truth and freedom has been under constant attack since we started,
and undaunted we are still standing tall, strong, and resolute.
We are unstoppable.

Resist, Fight, Win,
Never Quit,
Alfons v911t

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