Tuesday, April 10, 2007

O'Reilly Upset at Support For Sheen on Website Poll


Tuesday April 10, 2007
One of Bill O'Reilly's recent targets has been actor Charlie Sheen,
who openly questions the official storyline of the events of
September 11th and is in talks to narrate a new release of the
alternative theory documentary Loose Change. O'Reilly insists that
accepting such a role will cause harm to Sheen's career and asks
viewers to vote in one of his unscientific polls (to what end we can
only wonder).
On the FOX News website O'Reilly's Most Ridiculous Item reads
We're getting quite a bit of action on our billoreilly.com poll
question: Will actor Charlie Sheen damage his career if he narrates a
9/11 conspiracy film?
Some of those voting are far left Kool-Aid drinkers told to support
Sheen by nutty Web sites they visit.
Now I really feel sorry for these people, I do, as they are similar
to the ones who followed crazy Jim Jones down to South America in the
`70s and wound up drinking a poison Kool-Aid-like substance which of
course killed them.
People who are incapable of thinking of themselves are always
exploited, always, thus the name, Kool-Aid drinkers.
In addition, they are ridiculous. But we want you to vote on our
poll, those of you who are thinking for yourselves.
When you visit the site, the question is posed as above, with yes
or no as the only answers available. There are no further questions
about ideology, party, or where you learned of the poll. We can
safely surmise the answers are coming out more "no" than O'Reilly
would like, so he blames the phantom far left for skewing his silly
But what is really ridiculous is O'Reilly's mindset that everyone
who says something HE disagrees with should suffer for it, either
losing employment or office, and he uses his national "no-spin"
platform to go after them. He won't have to go far this time, though.
Just this afternoon I saw Charlie Sheen in a baseball uniform,
plugging away for DirectTV - owned by FOX News owner News Corp.
Will O'Reilly go after News Corp. with the same glee and fervor
which he has shown going after ABC and Disney in the aftermath of
Rosie O'Donnell's comments? Not likely.

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