Sunday, April 15, 2007

How to talk about 9-11 in public.

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Myself and some friends of mine have developed a new way to hold a
public conversation about 9-11 without folks realizing that they are
being lectured. Lots of folks have cell phones working and non working.
Get your old cell phone charge it up so it lights up, and just turn on
the menu to it, and talk to the phone while you are on the subway or
the bus, at the bus stop, in the school cafeteria, even in coffee
houses cafes and restaurants. People like to eaves drop on phone
conversations so let them listen in to your call so-to-speak. You have
to make it sound like a 2 sided conversation, you can repeat the
questions out loud and answer them, ask questions and repeat the
answers with all the applicable time delays between lines, it works. I
did it in a local cafe and got the whole place talking about it for
about 30 minutes. Try it, you'll like it... HUMMM??? KATT

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