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Watch This 21 Minute Film About 9-11

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Dear friends of truth,

Over the years since 9-11, hundreds of questions have surfaced regarding the USG's Official Conspiracy Theory (OCT) regarding the criminal events of that fateful day, many involving the following areas:

* The chilling PNAC documents. the conceptual blueprint for a "New
Pearl Harbor"
* Various military exercises that were underway on the morning of 9-11 * Insider trading -- millions in put options on United and American
* The hastily-passed "Patriot Act" which was written well before 9-11 * The mystery hijackers not listed on any of the airline manifests * The dancing Israelis later exposed to be Mossad agents
* "Lucky Larry" Silverstein, his connections to Israeli
powerbrokers, his colossal insurance scam
* Building 7, struck by nothing yet collapsed at free-fall, like a
pillar of sand
* The offices that were in Building 7 -- SEC, NSA, CIA...
* Explosions in the Twin Towers
* Testimony of international demolition experts
* Molten metal
* The physics of "freefall"
* Testimony of firemen, police personnel, and rescue workers
* The strange Anthrax attacks directed only at opponents of the
official line
* Able Danger/Able Warrior and the handlers who controlled the Arab
* And lots more...

Well, we finally have some answers, all crammed into one brilliant 21-minute blockbuster.

Please take just 21 minutes of your time to watch this video before it's permanently taken down like so many other excellent pieces before it.
They promised us a "Hundred-Year War". Here's how they launched it:

Please circulate widely...

9/11 was an inside job. Our nation is in peril.
The perpetrators are in positions of power.
Demand a new investigation.
Stand up. Be counted.

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